Another little game

Your thoughs. Scary stuff? Want to share them? Go ahead!

Basically, your wierdest thought for the moment. Can be anything, but preferably strange :wink:

Rules - You can only post once, then if you want to post again, someone else has to have posted before you. (ie. no consecutive posts, one person THEN the other) and no picking/flaming/being abusive to other peoples thoughts.

Shall I start? Well thank you.

The manual was made invalid by the rooster.

This is the same is as the word thread but with more words.

Originally posted by Flying Dutchman
This is the same is as the word thread but with more words.

Well, no, not really. There the rules are more strict there, with this its almost like a thread asking for people to put thier weird thought for the day. Almost like a quote.

Also did you happen to note the title of the thread? “Another little game…

I am toading to the runner shoe airplane.

there were these 2 guys stranded on a boat and then they go to land and there was a box of apricots and then the guys like, “youre allergic to apricots? thats a shame…thats a shame.”

a friend of mine is dying laughing at this, while im, well, not. lol.

Somehow I got the strange feeling the dumpsterman is coming after my eggplant, for no reason at all!

this weird enough?

Originally posted by Dee-ehn
this weird enough?

@ckin2001 - Im not surprised at your friend, its quite funny :slight_smile:

Perfect! Everyones brilliant!

Thought: Let’s all beat up Savannah to death! :stuck_out_tongue:

If oranges weren’t orange, then what would they be called?
Probably apelsin…

Originally posted by Airhead
If oranges weren’t orange, then what would they be called?
Probably apelsin…


i think i wet my pants with this one :bigsmile:

If the sun and the moon were the same size, then theoretically computers would be faster and smarter because they would have more penguins attracted to them.

Ever have one of those days, where someone asks you “Can I borrow a raddish?” and then you take an umbrella and embed it into their skull? Then a cop comes by and starts yelling at you for injuring/maiming/killing the other person so you take the cop and toss him joyfully off of a 30 story building? then jump after him because you realized you forgot your beer across the street in a local pub and some drunk asshole is putting his lips all over it, so you deliver a spine-shattering dragon kick to his back only to realize you’ve never ever been to that pub and that was his beer, so you steal his keys, drink his beer, tap dance on his cat, steal his car and hightail it to mexico. Then when you got to mexico you realize you turned right instead of left at new york and ended up in canada, where a mountie stomped on your car, kicked your tire and then tried to pee in your gas tank only to be hit by a moose. Afterwards you drove to alaska and ate a polar bear and hitch hiked to california where you met an eskimo that asked if he could borrow a raddish.

Odd enough?

Err… even when they are dark or evil thoughts ?

Well ok… but don’t think of me different before i wrote this eh ?

What about that day … that particular monday that everything goes wrong. You get up , way too late of course to go to work… so you decide to skip about everything… washing , cleaning , combing , but just put a lotion or something on and hope everything will stay fresh till the end of working day.

You know it won’t , but you’re ok with it , because people will not tell you anyway at how disgusted they are with you. They always do that behind your back.

That reminds me of how much something i want to kill everyone who acts stupid , is stupid or wants to be stupid. Except myself of course. So that if someone tells me something stupid , i just lift a finger and that person turns inside out. Bowels splatting everywhere… people being very scared about my powers but not screaming or telling the cops , because they respect the power.
They know that with a blink of my eyes i can turn them into splattering pools of deep red blood… their bowels eaten by squirrels and their bones used at the local cafeteria as food.

Then i start having one of my cigarettes and everyone who wants to borrow one , i kill. I have really had it with people who can’t afford their own cigarettes. What am i ? The local cigarette samaritan ? So i toss these people onto an electric fence and start using them as an ashtray.

Afterwards lunch is… lunch is sickening , but i’ll leave that for another time.

Originally posted by RedHatted
Thought: Let’s all beat up Savannah to death! :stuck_out_tongue:

Only if I could be an orange which is really an apple, which was rotaing the earth, and then turned into a penguin, which ate a polar bear which is covered in lotion and smoking a cigarette.

Oh, by the way, the flaws of the monkey are the faults of the piranah which swam in the sea of jelly.

Wow, what quality thoughts people are having. No wonder I dont visit this site as often now. :wink:

A new day… Saturday, the day of waterresistant ink that dries instantly. Saturday is the day I go out and paint the rainbow…
I think this saturday will go in black, that seems appropriate.
I shall paint the rainbow black, until the geese turns purple.

Sort of a revenge and sung to the tune “Video killed the radio star”

‘My stero ate my VCR’ - It was altogether shocking! I mean, I was watching it at the time. So I fed it to the dog, which refused to eat it, so I fed it to my evil cat.

It disposed of it, now though, I shove a tape into the cat and watch what comes out. One frame at a time. You have any idea how long it takes to watch The Matrix on my cat?

So I guess that nobody really wants to know why there is so much water beneath the surface of the sun… is that right? Hmpfff thought so… I get the feeling that people fear the big diabloc lobster cooking in the sun’s core. Too bad I’d say as it would make a great meal!

Lobster in the sun? Excellent! I love lobster. If I could find a large enough amount of butter and somehow survive the sun, I could go over there and watch re-‘runs’ of the Simpsons on my cat while eating lobster with butter.

Dee-ehn - Mind if I tag along with my cat when/if you decide to go? I could bring some drinks. And my cat picks up most tv channels on a clear night.

You’d get better reception if you fed your cat a roll of tinfoil.