Another LiteOn/DirectCD Problem

I have a bunch of CDRs that were burned using DirectCD and now I am trying to go through and close them all out using my LiteOn 40125S.

Well, I got through a bunch of them with no problems but now, out of the blue, everytime I put one of the CDRs in and then eject it so DirectCD will close it, one of two things happens :

1 - the CDR ejects without being closed or even giving me the option to close it

2 - if I am able to select to close the disc it starts to do its thing and at some point along the line I get an error message saying that the track reserved for ISO9660 is damaged and it will not finish closing the disc and forces me to eject it as is

I am assuming that this is a problem with DirectCD and not my CDRs or my burner. The CDRs have no visible damage and DirectCD does this with every one of them I put in now so it can’t be the CDRs.

I am using Windows XP Pro and the newest Roxio updated software. If anyone knows what is going on and how to correct it or if you know a way I can close these CDRs without using DirectCD please post here and let me know…TIA.

My first thought is that this is probably not a DirectCD problem, but a burner/media related problem.

Were the CDR’s burned with the Lite-on LTR40125S or another burner? This burner’s performance when packet writing CDR’s is very underwhelming, even when compared to older, slower burners. My take on this is that Lite-on focuses their efforts and firmware on the major part of their market, which is high speed audio and data CDR recording. CD-RW packet writing is a secondary issue and gets less attention. CDR packet writing is very low priority and the drive’s writing performance shows it. CDR packet writing is never tested in reviews, and there is poor performance in this feature.

Since the problem started after successfully closing a number of discs, I would suspect the performance of the burner in the abrupt failure to close the remaining discs (especially if the media is the same type). The calibration of the laser for packet written media may have shifted, and the burner may not be compensating properly.

This is just a theory at this point, but I would try to find someone with a different burner and DirectCD and try to close the discs in that environment. Alternatively, if you could temporarily install another burner in your computer to see if it closes the discs, this would test whether the Lite-on is causing the problem on your computer.

Multisession or packet written discs written to CDR must have at least about 13 MB of free space on the disc in order to close the session to ISO 9660. If not, the session can’t be closed due to lack of overhead.

If you haven’t already done so, you could try updating the burner firmware to the latest version, which hopefully might contain improvements in CDR packet writing. 83bj60, a moderator on this board, has a lot of experience with CDR packet writing using DirectCD with a Lite-on drive. I’m sure that he has tried all of the firmware options, and he may be able to advise if the later firmware works any better for CDR packet writing.

Thanks Inertia. I’ll try your suggestion and see what happens.