Another LG Question FW



I cant seems to get the FW to update to 100% , even version 104 using the update tool , is there a way to do it that isnt explained in the text file?


Doesnt anyone know what way to set up the FW that works???


Works fine here.


How does it work fine? Please. What is the setup you have to update the firmware? The drive has to be set to master (jumper) with no other drive on the IDE cable right? Is that all? DOES it even have to done that way?
Its updating the firmware (I think) because after a reboot the drive is listed as having whatever FW I just put on it, but it hangs after I try to update, either I dont get the green reboot button to appear on the update tool, or when using the auto update tool, it stops at 99% aftet going through the motions of updating.


boobytrap have you found a solution? I too am wondering if it’s absolutely necessary to follow the instruction to the letter and put the 4163b to master on IDE2 with nothing else on. I am no computer expert and i don’t feel very comfortable with moving existing drives around.


The official update procedure is on the secondary IDE cable as master with no other drives on that cable.

Another link:


Actually, all I have to do is set the drvie to master and make sure that the IDE cable is using the right end (master as well, which is black (?) right) and if that is attached to the drive it will update. I was uninstalling the other drive I had on the chain but I tried it without doing that and it still worked.


ok, took the plunge and bought a 4163b plus a spindle of 50 verbatim 8x +R (MCC003) today, costing AUD$129 in total… attached the burner to 2nd IDE master and left alone my richo cd-r on 2nd IDE slave (1st IDE has one HD and one DVD-rom), updated the a103 into a104 with all four devices attached and powered, all went well and burnt my first dvd in 12x in 6 minutes… seems 4163b likes the 8x verbatim very much… all in all it was very successful, i am so happy that i could hug my flatmates… oh wait i did that already :smiley: