Another IDE controller question?



Hi there

I’ve setup a FTP server on an old PC at home and would like to add some more HDDs’.

The motherboard is I’m currently using is an ASUS (supports P3 1ghz cpu) and supports ATA 100 I also have an old HotRod 66 (HighPoint) controller card which I was considering to attach to add the drives too.

If I add the controller card will the PC use this to run all the drives at ATA 66 even the 100 drives?

Even so, would it make any difference in this case as the drives are mainly being used for hosting files?

Lastly will boot up using the controller card as the Primary/Secondary IDE and use the onboard one’s as the third and fourth?

BTW the manual supplied has fallen apart since I bought it 4 years ago


  • Just found beta updates for BIOS and drivers that allow the card to work with ATA 100 drives via the Hightech Point website.


It really doesn’t matter. Most HHDs can barely take full advantage of the 66 specification and will only take advantage of the 100 specification in short bursts.