Another hardware version?

Just browsing through NewEgg and saw this. The 20A3 just came out and now this? :confused:

lol i still like my 20A1P :iagree:

:eek: I hope it’s a typo! :eek:

Can we just hope it is a typo, even though it is NewEgg? I just set my sites on the A3 series…and just GOT a replacement A1P for my dead A1H, both of which I am/was 100% happy with. I already missed the 5S and 6S series…now I have to miss out on the A3 series, too? :eek:

The OEM 20A3P and Retail 20A3P are listed separately. The Retail 20A3H seems to be available now.

…Maybe Wind can appear & help clarify this.

Also available in uk

I just ordered one. Free shipping for cheaper :iagree: