Another guy with slow dvdshrink

Hey, I only get like 2,000-3,800k rate of encoding which takes fairly long. I am running a AMD 2500+M at 400fsb and 2200mhz right now. 512mb of 400mhz memory. My dad’s pc can get up to 6,000-8,000k a sec and he has a 2800+ which is only 2080mhz. However he has 1gb of 333mhz ram.(We both have 16x Dvd-Rom, his is Liteon mine is Artec.) Is the ram a big difference or is there something else that effects speed? I dont have much running in background either…

-Even if I run in high priority it still is slow. (this is straight from the disc, not vob’s on the hdd, but still my dads did complete dvd in 17 mins off disc,=.)

I have no quality settings enabled either. Can you post your times or rates with your system setup. Am I the only one with this slowness? Thx a bunch :smiley:

DMA enabled ? all hardware device drivers up-to-date ?

Yes, how do I ensure DMA is enabled again?