Another goodie about anydvd



Just got through watching “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Beginning” Had a glitch in one part of the movie so I returned it and got a new one still had the glitch (this was a skip or a jump in the movie) Played it on the PC with anydvd running … guess what no glitch. I hate the fact that the movie studios are putting so much crap that the commercially bought version doesn’t play right and that the back up is flawless! Just wanted to share my thoughts on this as I know many of you will agree with this statement too. :bigsmile:


Sounds like a bad layer transition to me. Probably just poor disc mastering.


Yes I was thinking a bad press or crappy media type as they are trying to use the cheapest they can to make a much bigger profit???


Bad mastering - see

Not suire I’d call that a “goodie” since the DVD is messed up.



I would considering without it he’d have not been able to watch it… :slight_smile:


Valid point but, personally, I would keep returning the movie until I got a copy that I didn’t need AnyDVD to see w/o the glitch. :bigsmile:

They’re screwing us over enough to begin with w/o making it even worse and giving us crappy quality retail releases. :Z


Oh don’t get me wrong here, I FULLY agree with you on that point, but, AnyDVD allowed him to watch it without screwing up so I consider that a “good” feature. That’s all I meant. Yes, the disc is bad and needs to be replaced…no question.


He [B]can’t [/B] watch it. Some of the video is just not there. Layer 1 doesn’t contain certain titles of the DVD and one title (epidose 2) stops half way thru and goes to TCM. Anyone who says a person who has bought this disk can “watch it” is missing the point that the buyer is not getting what he paid for.

Having said that, this is the first time I’ve seen such a freaky thing happen.

As I said before, nothing can successfully rip such a DVD.



The OP is talking about TCM–and not the crazy Dr. Who Season 2 disc. Unless there’s also a TCM disc that has Dr. Who on the second layer, you’re confusing two different discs.


LOL websliger - you are right of course. Maybe that is so, too.

I bet the gory TCM turns into a puppet show :slight_smile:



I just saw the info on Dr Who Season 2 and why you got confused as to what disc he was talking about. That’s WHACKED! Talk about a completely screwed up pressing! Fortunately, the OP was trying to watch TCM-TB which AnyDVD helped him with. I do agree, though, that it’s STILL a screwed up disc and needs to be fixed…but at least he got to watch it. That Dr Who disc, though…WOW, just WOW…