Another ? from a beginner...please help

Good Morning…

Just did a shrink dvd and when I went to burn it…the burn part is gone…I have copied about 10 movies so far …gone through the whole process…analysis…backup…and then when its finished the movie is usually ejected from the dvd drive E…and a window would pop up to say movie sucessfully copied now put in blank dvd…and for some reason…it doesnt. do that for me now…have I hit a wrong button some where…my burning prog is Nero

Does this make any sense???Me so sorry and hope you can help…I have to make lots of movies for Xmas …thanks…Bliss :confused:

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Did you tell Nero to make more than 1 copy? If you did then its waiting for you put another disk in so i can carry on with its burn. Also why are you “making them for xmas”?


re-check your DVD Shrink preferences.
look also in the location that you told dvd shrink to store the transcoded files prior to burning - you might find the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders there.