Another freeware DVD software scam -

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According to Derrow, author of IfoEdit and
VobEdit is offering his freeware tools for download. The
bundle that contains only freely available software is sold for $ 49.95…

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it would be an UTTER shame if their website ACCIDENTALLY got hacked.

Yeah wouldnt it just! I really hope none of the CDFreaks visitors take it upon themselves to hack the DNS records or deface the site.

Defacing has been Done!:g

defacing? still their won website…:frowning: man…this already happened so many times…i mean making this software packages…I wonder if people really buy it.

Can’t they get sued for this?

Unbelievable! It’s literally just a menu to run the programs, it’s not even automated! I can hardly believe people think they can get away with this! If it was some of my software I’d be getting the first plane over there and kicking ass!

I’m not sure if the TMPGEnc encoder it includes is even a licensed product. TMPGEnc is normally trialware, i.e. has a 30-day limit on MPEG2 encoding, but their version is v2.54 with no limitations. I.e. it appears to be the retail version of TMPGEnc. Otherwise, the rest of the software is at least freeware and ‘Copiesanything’ does not even provide any of its own assistance or help to the included products. As mentioned by ‘monoghen’, the main menu, DVD and VCD menus are the only work that ‘Copiesanything’ have added and I’m sure it does not take more than a few minutes to draw up these. All the rest are these freeware applications and likely an unlicensed or hacked version of TMPGEnc. --Update-- IfoEdit now mentions about the TMPGEnc licensing issue on their main page.
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I Believe this firm is now “out of business”:slight_smile: