Another free (today only!) dvd ripper

The people at

are offering

Aimersoft DVD Ripper
is all-in-one, super fast DVD ripper software that can rip DVD movies to all key video and audio formats such as rip DVD to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, RM, RMVB, MPG, MPEG, 3GP, 3GPP, MPG, ASF, FLV, VOB, WMA, M4A, MP3, AC3, WAV, etc. With this powerful DVD Ripper, you can easily copy DVD to iPod Video, Zune, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, Xbox 360, PS3, Archos, iRiver, Creative Zen, PMP, MP4/MP3 Player, Smart Phone, Pocket PC, PDA, Mobile Phone, etc.

* Convert and rip DVD to AVI, MP4 (Archos), MPEG4 (iPod, iPhone, Apple TV), WMV (Zune, Creative Zen), MOV (QuickTime), RM, RMVB (RealPlayer), ASF, FLV (Youtube), 3gp 3gpp (Mobile Phone), VOB, MPG, MPEG, M4A, etc.
* Rip audio track from DVD to MP3, WMA, M4A, WAV, AAC, and AC3.
* Merge and split DVD. Join several chapters into one file, also can rip and copy DVD by chapters you want.
* Copy DVD movie by 1:1
* Powerful Video editing, allow you to trim the excrescent or special parts of movies, adjust brightness, contrast, audio, etc.
* Support photo capturing of the playing DVD, and save as jpeg, bmp.

Only available FREE for 12 more hours! This is not a joke…it´s gotta be downloaded AND installed within this time frame to get the free registration.

Go get it…and be happy

And also remember if there is an update to the program you will not get it. It only pertains to this current version. No updates. Still a good deal though if you need this software.

I can’t get the site to load…not sure if they crashed or if it’s on my end, but do you happen to know of any mirror sites?

Won’t load for me either now. Did a few minutes ago when i got it though.

I don’t know of any mirrors sorry.

Now the activation does not work.
sorry it is working ok now

i just got through…probably just a momentary hiccup.

from the readme file:


Unzip the package you`ve downloaded and run the activation program
Activate.exe which is included in the package, then run Setup.exe to
install the software.

You have to install it before the Giveaway offer for the software is over.

Terms and conditions

Please note that the software you download and install during
the Giveaway period comes with the following important limitations:

  1. No free technical support
  2. No free upgrades to future versions
  3. Strictly non-commercial usage

pay attention to the instructions… ACTIVATE BEFORE YOU INSTALL.

yeah…that took me a couple tries :o

Has anyone actually tried this software yet?? Getting mixed feedback from Giveaway comments.

I have it downloaded, but haven’t decided if I’d like to activate to try it. Not sure what more it can do than softwares I have already…well maybe extracting the audio from the DVDs… :wink:

The contributors to the comments section are a mixed bag - I´ve noticed in the past that many can´t manage simple instructions and then write stupid comments. Real problems are rare.
Read carefully…intelligent comments are usually made by those who are able to install the software correctly.
I haven´t tried this software as I have what I currently need for everything…and little time to test another. Some users sounded pretty happy…

haven’t tried it yet. i installed it just to make sure I got it. not sure if i’ll get a chance to play with it today or not…even if it sucks it was free so it’s worth a shot (unless it’s got some kind of spyware…but i don’t see any major red flags)

intelligent comments are usually made by those who are able to install the software correctly.

Thats true, if they cannot install the software how can they comment?:wink: :bigsmile: just j/king

shush. activation before install? c’moooooon who does that? (and who reads instructions? :p)

it’s like one of those trick tests in high school where the teacher tells you to read ALL the questions before beginning and the last question says “don’t answer anything just put your name at the top and hand it in”

…and i failed

Since that made so much sense, I went ahead and activated it…lol, and am trying it out as I post. I am actually ripping from the DVD into an AVI. Taking a bit long, but may be due to converting the DVD into an AVI file.

I am really liking the fact that this software can rip into the desired video format straight from the DVD itself. No need to rip to the harddrive first and then convert to mpeg4 with CloneDVDMobile or whatnot…

Will post back how the video looks. I will also do a rip from the DVD straight to iPod ready mpeg4s…cool…

Also am going to try the audio ripping as soon as I find a good video music DVD to test out.

One other thing, this software has some great setting options, includung which titlesets you want to keep, and even had an option to select which chapters of the main movie, if you wanted to go that far…(maybe good for deselecting end-credits!!!..hmmmm :slight_smile: )

[B]Oh My Goodness!!! [/B] What a great software!!! It does not rip to DVD compliant VOB, IFO, BUP…But it does rip to other formats and is pretty good in terms of quality. AVI, MPEG4, MPEG2, VOB (without IFOs & BUPs), …And it can also do video editing of all video formats. Trimming down to individual frames on all these formats. Haven’t ripped the audio from a DVD yet, but I’m pretty confident it will rip to high quality WMA, MP3, AC3…wow

It’s too late now to get it for free, so hope at least a few got this fantastic deal…FREE!!!

Yesterday this program was registered. Today it’s not!

From the Give Away Of The Day site:

DVD Ripper solution will most probably be ready on Monday, please don’t worry, you WILL get your chance to receive fully functional version if you were affected by the registration problem.


Yeah, it’s not working for me neither…What a shame. I hope they do get it figured out. Another success with it yesterday was that I was able to extract the audio from a DVD into an MP3, and it was in stereo…nice… :wink:

same problem here. bookmarking this thread so I can check their site next week i guess for a fix

:eek: ooo, mine still says it´s registered :o

Maybe they´ll sort it out for the others…good luck.

Mine still seems to be registered, but it won’t allow me to load any video content onto the program. I’m guessing it is related to what Aimersoft did with that single-day only activation…

It’s a pretty decent piece of software and hope they get to the core of the issue eventually.
What would suck is if Aimersoft used this as a way to get exposure and never, ever really intended to give away the full versions of the software… :rolleyes:

Edit: Scratch that, I just doubled checked the software again and now it is also asking me for the E-mail and registration code… :rolleyes: