Another first question: IRC disconnects

As you might now, I am most of the time online @ the CD Freaks IRC channel (#cdfreaks). There’s just one problem: every once in a while I get disconnected. Sometimes it’s after a week of online-ness, sometimes it’s after just 2 hours… Most times I get errors like “warning, over 30 sec lag to self -> warning over 60 sec lag to self -> disconnected” or just “disconnected”

The IRC servers I am using are or; my cableprovider is @home and my IRC client is mIRC 5.84 (I think), the only script I’m using is Peace & Protection 4…

Whats the unviersal server for this place? Ohers are having probs we cant get in, would you guys change servers? I have a network.

IRC.SNT.UTWENTE.NL has scheduled maintance every monday between 18:00 and 20:00 (Dutch Time). Connection to other IRC servers can disappear @that time.
Guess the same goes for IRC.XS4ALL.NL …

Nope doesnt work for me NL? Shit NEtherlands? damn no wonder. Any US servers?

Any IRCnet server should do the trick.
mIRC has a whole list built in.

#cdfreaks does not use its own server, so if you are logged onto an IRCnet server you should be able to /join #cdfreaks

For IRC I use my Linux machine with BitchX this is the best IRC client there is for Linux! (To my opinion)

On times when i’m not behind my machine I use the command /detach people think I’m still online because my name is still in the user list but actually I’m offline. After retaching I can see all the lines and messages that where posted during the time I was offline and I can start chatting again.