Another example of how bad our private health care is

Man battles health insurer for drug that could save his life

Kevin Dwyer can’t breathe. He can’t even sleep without choking. His condition is so serious, his new wife, Katie, has to help clear his lungs every day.

“What are you afraid of?” we asked her.

“Of him dying,” she said.

“I didn’t think it would come to this, this fast.,” Kevin told us. “It’s come down to fighting for my life.”

Kevin has cystic fibrosis: a deadly disease clogging the lungs, causing dangerous infections, even internal bleeding. The average lifespan of a patient is 37 years old. Kevin is now 40.

“I’m suffocating to death very, very slowly,” he explained.

“Because your airways are closing,”

“And it’s getting worse, rapidly,” Kevin said.

So why is his sister Martha, who has the exact same disease, doing so well? Her lung function is stable, even improving. “I feel able to hope for the future in a way that I never could before,” she said. “It’s everything.”

And she credits a little pill for all of it: A new drug called Kalydeco that is actually slowing the disease in some patients and, ideally, extending their lives.

But it’s expensive: $25,000 a month. So Kevin and Martha, brother and sister, asked their insurance to cover it.

This is just another one of many examples of how free enterprise does not work 25,000 for a drug is nothing but greed greed greed greed.
I love our free enterprise in the USA but sometimes people think it means you can ask any amount you want for something and if you have the government backing you through patents and such you can get away with it .

Pharmaceutical companies don’t create cures…They create customers.

It funny in my lifetime I know of only major cure and that was for polio T he March of Dimes was established by FDR to fight polio and I can remember when they got the cure. Just thought of another on TB.
Today governments and drug companies do not want a cure they want a pill you take forever so they can make money. Ulcers most here are to young to remember all the medicine sold for years to help with Ulcers no cure just change your eating habits and take the drug companies medicine. It took people in Australia to figure out what caused it and come out with a cure. I am sure the drug companies hated that. Medicine for Ulcers used to on TV all the time. Now the drug companies have learned do not cure it just put out a pill that will help you live with it. 25,000 dollars a month and our government does nothing. I still think Aids did not come from contact with Monkeys either look at how much money drug companies are making off Aids.

I’m with you there ,they don’t want a cure ,they want a money making ventures.They have had a cure for cancer but there is more money in extending the cure for more research.You note how fancy these new hospitals are ,do they have to spend so much on polished granite.It’s not gonna mean a hill of bean when your dieing.And the fancy paintings on the walls,what the heck is that.

We got one of those hospitals here do not see why they have to be so fancy.

In the USA, our government isn’t interested in promoting lower healthcare costs. If they did then they would promote more competition between insurance companies, hospitals and doctors. Right now they do the opposite. Some states only allow 2-3 health insurance companies to operate in their state. That is crazy! Even a small thing like making hospitals give prices for common medical procedures would go a long way in helping the individual keep their medical costs in check.

Anyone that thinks the government can run a national healthcare system well is in for a big surprise. When the government refuses to provide medical services, and they will, there will be no changing their minds like can be done with private insurers. Just look at the mess Obamacare has/is creating. It was supposed to lower healthcare costs and it is actually making them skyrocket. It is also preventing full time employment on a massive scale. Obamacare is a national train wreck that is happening as I type this response. I remember seeing a bumper sticker that said [B]“If you think healthcare is expensive now, just wait until it is free!”[/B] As soon as the government gets involved in determining what person gets what procedure/drug, rationing will become wide spread.

UTR, I couldn’t agree more! This country just doesn’t have the money to put up with Obamunism. It occurs to me that this really is/was a publicity stunt to get Obama a second election. The private sector may very well suck (there’s a reason why there are so many ways to “control” asthma, but an actual cure has yet to emerge), but at least it gives us options. If I wanted to have my options taken away from me, I would simply to pack my bags, and move to some communism-based nation, where the government is almost reasonably wealthy, and the people are flat-out starving. :Z

Anyone who could believe the Government can run Health Care has never worked with their state DMV.

My health plan doesn’t pay for phys.therapy they think we can pay it out right.I can’t afford $100 a shot.

Very True

Pharmaceutical companies are owned by shareholders

Share holders like a return on their investment.

Profit is the motive for this not charity.

Because of government regulations the cost of discovery, testing and clinical trials before a drug is approved make it seem INSANE to even TRY to bring a new drug to market.

And everyone complains that “the government” or “private insurance” doesn’t want to pay for every new EXPENSIVE treatment.

Tragic reality of the universe you cannot save everyone.

The real tragedy is believing that the new government healthcare is about treating ANYONE, it’s about “Coverage”, coverage does not equal treatment.

another reality is that a confirmed diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis is essentially
a death sentence… this “New Drug” will get cheaper once the companies start producing it in volume.

I have relatives (by marriage) who have just discovered that BOTH of
their children have CF… so I’m not being cold from distance, I just recognize reality.

[QUOTE=AllanDeGroot;2693738]Anyone who could believe the Government can run Health Care has never worked with their state DMV.[/QUOTE]

Amen to that!:iagree:

I’ll bet that waiting in line for what would otherwise have been a simple task is probably (among goodness knows what else) what the people of the Soviet Union had to endure.

I suppose that, in the end we’re probably never going to find a “decent” healthcare system. Instead, we’ll just end up choosing one defective healthcare system over another. :sad: