Another Exact Audio Copy prebeta version released, fixes small bugs

I just posted the article Another Exact Audio Copy prebeta version released, fixes small bugs.

Nicowico used our news submit to tell us that another
Exact Audio Copy (EAC) prebeta
version has been released yesterday. This new version fixes some small bugs and
besides that we can…

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After being a EAC user for 8+ months I can really say it sucks… try using a good ripper like CDex ( )

works fine for me mate…

EAC has always worked for me. Even with damaged CD, it may take a while to work through the damaged area, but it will get you your rip. Secure mode is the only way I rip.

ehi mate, after being a loyal EAC user since the beginning of time :slight_smile: i can say, mmm yes maybe the GUI is not top-notch, maybe there are glitches here and there, but in the end EAC rulez! for the matter it’s the one and only that can give full peace about quality of your rips… quality is EVERYTHING in ripping, u know :B

I’ve ripped over 100 CD albums with EAC including slightly scratched CDs, some with fingerprints, etc. As a test, I ripped a CD covered in scraches (refuses play/gets stuck in CD players) and although EAC took about 30 minutes to rip it in secure mode, not one song had a glitch. EAC has the option to rip in burst mode (like most other CD rippers) which doesn’t check for errors, but at least it will give the option to listen to track segments where the CD-ROM drive struggled or had to slow down to read a sector. I haven’t encountered any problem with EAC and it works with the downloadable FreeBD database to name songs without an Internet connection. Just waiting for version 1 final now :slight_smile:

EAC has been around for years in a prebeta state. Don’t plan on ever seeing a “final” :X

Well what I forgot to mention in my post is that the EAC author officially announced that he doesn’t have time to work on EAC, and it took over 10 months for this update to appear (still a beta mind you). When it comes to bad CD reading, a quality drive laser is more important than software error checking. The REAL solution to damaged CDs is to use a high quality drive that is well balanced with a good laser (ex: Plextor, where their 40x write costs only 80 dollars USD right now). The real bonus of CDex is that it comes with every major codec, their newest official versions preinstalled when you install CDex. So you don’t have to track down LAME, Ogg, etc. There are a lot more options in encoding than EAC, so you can be more precise in quality, but if you don’t care, just leave the settings in their default. Also CDex has a better use interface than EAC. For all you hardcare EAC users, just give CDex a fair try and you probably won’t go back.
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