Another enclosure question

I use a laptop as my main machine. I searched the forums and saw previous posts on enclosures, but I have questions still.

  1. Which interface firewire 400/800 or serial ATA?
  2. Firmware upgrades over external links, any problems?


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Ok, here we go:

  1. firewire 400 (preferably with oxford 911 chipset)
  2. firmware upgrades not a prob

happy burning

First off thanks. Is it worth looking at the faster methods now that 16x burners are on the horizon? All the methods are available except the SATA DVD writter, IDE to SATA enclosures and true SATA enclosures are though. My feeling is no, because i doubt my laptop, IBM T30, can get information to the writter that fast and I plan on using an external hard drive drive.

Thanks again

when u speak of sata enclosures, do u mean pc card to sata to ide bridge? If u can get that, then it should have more speed available given that its 1500 compared to firewires 400. However, those are just numbers, as everyone knows that usb2 is 480 but generally doesn’t come close to fire for sustained rates.
I’ve burned at 8x no probs on firewire. When I tried to rip a movie in a borrowed 165 tho, my cd speed graph maxed out at 10x. I don’t know if its the drive, the disc or the bus being stressed. It shouldn’t be the bus, but one can never tell.
firewire is good enough for sustained transfer rates of MBs in the 30s range. Fire is great for hard drives. I only know of fire 800 on new macs.

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The rip limit won’t be the IDE bus - 12x is less than 13000KBytes/second - well within the limits of UDMA/33.

I have seen Firewire/800 cards for PCs, though didn’t take much notice of them.

Highpoint have some eSATA stuff - but I’m not sure it’s that well standardised as yet. If it can be standardised, it begins to look like a very interesting option for external devices!


These are the cards I was looking at for fw800 and sata.

SATA pcmcia card

FW800 pcmcia card

The enclosures are:
Firewire 800 enclosure - last one in the list

This is IDE to SATA
Sata enclosure

For the hard drive I would use something like this because it’s SATA throughout the chain.:
SATA Hard drive enclosure

This Plextor drive is part of the reason I brought up SATA:
Plextor Announcement