Another DW1640 rebadge?

This looks identical to part #320105, which has been determined to be 1640.
This lists CompUSA as the mfg., as is done with the above mentioned.
Anyone physically looked at one? (100 mi. round trip for me)
Good price if it’s a 1640 :slight_smile:

No that is not a REBADGED BENQ 1640 drive. The one you want is this one:

If you look at that link you will see the mfg part # it says DW1640

Hey Sockeye,DVD-Addict is right, you don’t want to drive 100miles for the wrong drive, the part number is DW1640 for the CompUSA branded drive.

Hi DVD ADDICT :slight_smile:
Yes, the link that you gave is for the CompUSA stock #320105 that I mentioned above.
I just kind of got my hopes up when I saw the picture of the drive that I linked to, as it is on sale this week and the picture looks to be of the same drive from a slightly higher angle.
Specs appear to be the same as well. It appears that Norwood is also a product of CompUSA, so I thought given the similarities between 320105 & 320106, that just maybe…
I know that you have been on top of this issue, I guess you have peeked inside the box of these Norwood drives? If not I hope to make a trip to town tomorrow and will try to get a look at one.
Thanks for replying,

I know the external Norwood drive is not a BENQ 1640 because a friend of mine bought one and the drive is crappy. We couldn’t even find a firmware upgrade for the external drive. I’m not sure if the Norwood internal drive is a rebadged BENQ 1640 but I know the COMPUSA link I provided is a BENQ 1640. If I have some time this week I may just go down and buy one for the hell of it to see if it truly is a BENQ 1640.

Thanks for responding.
I need to make a shopping trip tomorrow anyway, so I will stop in and check one of these drives out.
Should be able to get back to everyone on this by early evening, tomorrow.
I’m not desperate for a 1640, as I have 2 installed now, but at 40.00, I wouldn’t mind picking one up to tuck away.

@DVD ADDICT, and alan1476, :slight_smile:
Made it to CompUSA today, and as you both predicted, the drive that I linked to was not a 1640, when I opened the box. I wasn’t able to determine what kind of drive it was, as it only bore a Norwood lable.(I should have written down the #s but didn’t :doh: )
While checking out the drive that is in the CompUSA packaging that should be a 1640, I discovered that it was identical to the Norwood drive. It bore the 320105 stock label, but DW1640 appeared no where on the box.
This explains why the pictures appeared to be of the same drive.
Apparently it is like it was, with the later HI-VAL drives being DQ60 rather than 1640.
I looked through the entire stock thinking there may possibly be a 1640 buried in there somewhere, but none were to be found.
So, I felt I should pass on to everyone not to believe the stock number and physically check in the box to make sure you’re getting a 1640 if buying one of the CompUSA drives.

walmart has a sony 810a that is a benq 1640. $79.99

that is not a good deal :disagree:

Might as well get a 1655 for that price.

Hello sockeye…

I guess YOU and I were doing the same “CompUSA thing” at nearly the same time…

Check out my post (on another thread in this Forum)


Hi florida_wen :slight_smile:
Hope our posts save someone else some trouble.
I don’t know how much Comp hosed you for the Sony, but I see them at ZipZoomFly for 65.99 (retail version) with free 2nd day shipping. They also have the Plextor 1640 rebadge instock as well for 69.99 with same deal on shipping.
I have 2 of the Hi-Val drives, now crossflashed to BenQ, but got them in Dec. for 39.99 after rebate. (which looks like an 8 week wait) They did get the beige faceplate out to me in short order though, as promised in the documentation inside the box.
I saw the Hi-Val on sale again (79.99 minus 15.00 instant savings with 25.00 rebate = 39.99) but don’t remember if it was in this, or last weeks Sun. flyer.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go on sale again, so as to make room for their new stock.

You were lucky sockeye… at the right place at the right time :iagree: . The Hi-Val must have been on sale LAST week 'cause it certainly wasn’t on sale when I was there a few days ago. Tired of exhausting my efforts and afraid I would never get my hands on a BenQ DW1640 I foolishly grabbed a SONY DRU-810A (which IS a BenQ 1640) the day I was at CompUSA, but I will be returning it this weekend. Even after rebate it’s still $79.99 plus tax, which is a bit expensive !!

I needed a new FireWire / PCI board so while I ordered that from NewEgg yesterday, I also ordered a Sony 810A (retail) for $59.99 (w/no tax) that I will reflash to latest BenQ firmware :slight_smile: and a new BenQ 1650V DVD-ROM Drive (retail) for $19.99 to replace my tired, old Mitsumi CD-ROM player. :clap:

I still plan to purchase a BenQ DW1650 after it has been released in the USA and then try to get a beige faceplate for it. Meanwhile the new Sony will be burnin’ my DVD’s for me :smiley: !!

I just received an e-advertisement from CompUSA with 60% Off SALE. One of the featured items is the Norwood 16x Internal Double Layer DVD±RW/±R Drive Only $39.99 after Rebates. Product Number: 320106

DON’T get all excited, as chances are 99% it is NOT a rebadged BenQ DW1640 :disagree: .
Perhaps at a location where stock is very, very “old” you might possibly find one, but all the NEW stock is not !!