Another (DUTCH!) Hacker Hits Microsoft

I just posted the article Another (DUTCH!) Hacker Hits Microsoft.

Submitted by: Rush, Peterrr
Source: PC World

Dutch hacker claims he accessed servers and could alter files on Microsoft’s download site.

One week after Microsoft reported an intrusion into its…

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Nice going Dimitri! That will place Holland on the IT-map… :smiley:

Dimitri rules

how do you get the one with the sunglasses?

is it |)


DiMiTRi for president!

I already read about this last week in some (dutch) magazine!

Yeah dimitri you kicks ass!!!
we dutch rule!!

Dimitri rulez buth I hacked Microsoft in that way, what isn’t realy hacking some weaks ago already.

I thought it was 8) , 1

guess not…



Oops, I forgot UBB doesnt work here…

nou maar hopen dat ze je niet krijgen, Dimitri. Wel supercool wat je geflikt hebt!

Microsoft’ ass kicked! Again!!!

Great for you, Dimitri. Keep on working !

Testing first post, how do I use smileys? hey ive heard if you play windows me backwards you can hear satanic messages AND even Worse if you play it forward IT INSTALLS WINDOWS ME (hey couldnt resist kickin micro too)


and dude that anit the way to use the smiley DOH