Another Dumb Q - Shrink cannot find enuff space

OK, I am just about to Backup and Shrink 3.2 is saying
“DVD Shrink has encountered an error and cannot continue.
There is not enough space on your target drive!
The system cannot find the path you specified.”
I believe I have about 2.2G free on my hard drive. Do I just need to relocate the folder that I am trying to backup to? What are the “rules” with this?

Thanks again, love this forum
Clueless (really!!!)

Ugh, ok, i need 3.4G for this…better start getting some photos off my hard drive.

What are some other common memory wasters?


I doubt you have GB’s worth of photos… my 8MP camera only takes up about 2MB on average at 3264x2448 resolution. You need a bigger hard drive, or atleast should get one. 300GB drives are cheap these days, and will give you much more breating room.

Oh and another thing, I have noticed you posted earlier and have been burning movies. Are you deleting movies off of the hard drive once you write them off onto DVD’s… when i first started copying I forgot to do that and before I knew it I had 100GB worth of .ISO’s on my drive

Thanks Battleman, I am removing the movies that I am done with.

I have 5 years’ worth of pictures that I am right now burning to DVD. Whew, this will help.

So, I just learned to install my own new dvd burner…how hard is it to get & install myself a 300G drive??

Thanks, as always.

hard drives are pretty much exactly the same as installing optical drives. there’s an IDE cable, a power cable, and a device jumper and that’s it. has some great deals lately (with rebates unfortunately although I’ve never had a prob with them) my 300gb seagate hard drive should be on my doorstep tomorrow for $80 once i send the rebate in. not bad.

if you’re in the market, keep an eye on the bargain basement forum.

you can nevre have too much storage!!

I just purchased a 320GB Western Digital SATA hard drive from and it was about 135$ me thinks (more expensive because of SATA).

You can get good deals on hard drives, and if you can install a dvd burner this is just as easy. You secure the drive with mounting rails (if your case has them, my Antec P180 does) or screws, plug in the SATA or IDE cable and attach the SATA or IDE power cable. Just be carefull that if you connect if via SATA (small rounded cable) that you dont use the IDE power (4 pin molex). If you connect it via IDE (40 pin flat grey ribbon) that you use the IDE power (4 pin molex). The sata power cable looks similar to the SATA motherboard connector.

Removing your movies should have free’d up a bunch of hard disk space, how much total and free hard drive space do you have. And you have just one hard drive correct???

Figure about 10-15 GB of space for each movie that needs decrypting and shrinking.

Really you only need about 30-40GB alloted total for your movies. This will more then likely keep that 15% “free space” buffer you should have on all HDD’s and you can rip a moive, burn it off and then delete the rip. No sense in keeping movies not only as .ISO’s but as physical backups on DVD-R’s as well.

If you DVDShrink directly from a DVD, you’ll need 5GB.

If you rip to HD first & then DVDShrink, you’ll need upto 13.5GB (upto 9GB for the original Disk + 4.5GB for the DVDShrinked image).