Another dumb newbie?

I did a search in the archives but didn’t quite get the answer to my question. I just installed my new cdrw in my computor in the bay where my cd rom was. hooked up the cables the same including the audio cable. now i want to put my old cd rom back in another bay. my problem is my soundcard only has one analog connector,so do i have to hook the old drive to the sound card or not? It’s a old s-card so maybe a new one is needed? cdrw came with a new cable with a extra tail on it but does’nt look like it fits analog or digital outs. thx Jay

It is not needed to connect the cable. Only you cannot play audio cd’s in it just to listen. Grabbing music with it is not a prob.

Thx Wookie for the quick reply. you made my life easier. Jay:)

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you made my life easier. Jay:)

No prob. :smiley: