Another (dumb) attempt to promote High Definition

I just posted the article Another (dumb) attempt to promote High Definition.

We can see each day many attempts to bring more and more people to High Definition. The war between rival formats Blu-ray and HD DVD show us new appealing offers almost daily, but still there is no…

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Good 1. I think its for real. It does bring families together. And if u need proof watch the first 20 sec of The Simpsons, and thats I guess how the industry pictures us, and if we can be bought so easily on what they ‘sell’ down our throats then they are not much mistaken. :S

So what’s the point in your news post?
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Hey Gino, if you don’t like HD disc, don’t buy it. However, I expect this isn’t a very interesting news post for most of us.

I agree with gino, this is totally crap, they just want to make money and sell entertaiment, they care shit about family stuff etc.

@ SiC The point is really simple: the war between the two rival formats is becoming ridiculous. Do you really think that to improve family cohesion it is necessary a HD television? :r Maybe the two rival compartments are becoming desperate because people don’t buy HD stuff. Is it really so difficult for them to understand that the only reason for this is that people doesn’t want another betamax? @happyscrappy I’m not at all against High Definition, but I don’t like to be offended by these dumb motivations like the one suggested by the “doctor” :wink: What will be really handy is the end of this useless war, so finally people can start to buy (and enjoy) HD :slight_smile:

Is it already April 1st?

Is this any dumber than the Nintendo Wii? Doctors say its a great way to spend time with the family while also getting a great workout… Theres a difference between spending TIME with the family and actually spending FAMILY time…

I must agree with Geno–it’s a really dumb way to promote a product. The point of this article is any company can find some doctor or some "authority figure’ somewhere that can cook up some study or something that appears factual in order to support their claims. Due to such an increasing phenomenon among manufacturers, it becomes necessary to be completely skeptical of a product if and until one can prove such claims true. This kind of ‘support’ is not unlike the faulty reasoning employed by career educators who advocate using technology to ‘enhance the classroom and learning experience.’ They think if they give children 12-18 laptops that said children will automatically become more responsible, more engaged in the learning process, and automatically (by fiat) become smarter somehow. The reality is that if any student does not choose to learn, it doesn’t matter how much technology one has at one’s disposal–the result will be a dismal failure. That’s really the same case here: the attempt to use a ‘crutch’ to somehow bring the family together. As FidelC so rightfully alluded to, the industry must picture the majority of families as couch potatos (which that part may not be that far from the truth)… However, that image is partly laughable, partly sad and partly insulting. The goal of promoting a product is supposed to be showcasing all its advantages and/or reasons for purchasing as compared to a competing product. Once any company insists on attempting to ‘buy support’ to prop up product sales and even employ erroneous assertions as proof, I’d not only view said company with great suspicion, but likely even go so far as to not even buy from that company at all. If any company is going to try to do all these things just for $$$, what does that say about how honest the company REALLY is about the product performance, quality and customer support? The whole “HD picture” in the above senses is VERY disturbing to me.
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