Another duff PX-716A



I am on my second 716A and now I find it won’t detect any -RW or +RW disks.

There are 3 months remaining on the warranty, so I can get it RMA’d and get a third drive.

My question is, do you guys think it is worth it? Or should I just dump the drive and get something else. Money is not really an issue, but I can’t be bothered with the hassle if I get a third drive and then that one goes belly up in a few months as well.

Are there any drives about that are significantly better than the PX-716A? i.e. more reliable and equal (or better) quality burns?

What would you do?




At this point, if you RMA it you’ll probably get a 755A or 760A, so go for it.


i believe 716 is out of production which can be possibly good news to you.


Mine is doing the double flash on the lite and won’t detect any disks. Only mine might be out of warranty. Would love to know what happens with yours.


Just called Plextor support and they told me to RMA the drive, so I have started the process. I will let you know what happens.




Just received the replacement - another 716A. So it seems they still have some 716A’s available for RMA replacement :frowning:

The drive is quite new - manufactured July 06, TLA 0309. So lets hope the later manufactured 716A’s don’t still suffer from this progressive deterioration that my first two drives have been plagued with.