Another Digiarty Converter Giveaway



This one is for Windows .I’m posting it here since Digitary does a good job of posting this kind of give away in their subforum . They listed this for Mac but not the Windows version.
I found it on giveawayoftheday but it can be downloaded directly from Digitary.
They have a World Cup video contest where you can win a suite of Digitary software. You have to do YouTube video. More trouble than I will go to but if anyone is interested.

The converter is free whether you enter the contest or not.

Direct download:
License code:


Thank you cholla:)


THX for the info and the link,cholla!:flower:


Your Welcome .
The site says this is offered thru July 22 ,2014 .
It must be activated by that time.
The contest for the suite ends July 20 ,2014 .