Another delay in new gen optical devices distribution?

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The new generation optical devices, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, could face another obstacle that will delay their spread in the end-consumer market: It seems that the production of some makers of…

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I don’t think it is sale price is low and there isn’t enough device in the market. People are not about to do as they did when VHS vs. Beta all over again. If these companies come out with a player to play the regular DVD’s, HD-DVD’s, and Blue Ray DVD’s then there can be a demand and the companies won’t know what the cosumer is buying except for the media to determain what is being favored. If the companies would do this I can see spending 500 + dollars for a new player.:X

What demand? I don’t want one!

This is a case where they are rushing the new format into market. Had they actually allowed these new formats to mature a bit more in the lab, then perhaps they would not be running into this mess and possibly lose the format war to the previous generation, as it appears they might do. What good is releasing movies in the new BR or HD format if there are no players on the shelves to watch them with? Just like UMD, the stores will not stand for those discs to stay on their shelves for long. If they start to sit there, they will not reorder them and fill that space with the “old standby”, DVD. One thing I have noticed, at least in my local department stores, is that with the release every month of so many new DVD’s, they rarely carry any DVD’s more than 6 months old. The exceptions are DVD’s of blockbuster movies, like SW, ST, LOTR and many others. New releases just keep pushing out the old, therefore, it isn’t hard to figure out that if BR and HD do not sell, they’ll fill the space with what will and the BR and HD titles will be relegated to specialty stores, like BlockBuster, Hollywood Video, etc. until they just die a slow and painful death.