Another dead benq

after only 4 weeks, my new dw1620 pro died. it doesn’t open and close anymore, and if i open and close it manually, it doesn’t try to read the inserted disc.
so, what i have read here in the forums about benq dvd writers dying fast, seems to be true after all :frowning:
i’m very disappointed…


I can understand your very dissapointed, but this can happen with any brand. Benq sells a lot of drives and some wont work properly from the start others die after some short time, sh*t happens. You can claim warranty on your drive, you’ll get a new one.
I hope it will work better. Put a smile on your face, things will get better.

Have to agree with, cor808. Get the drive RMA’d since it is only a month old. Sometimes you get a bad one - it just happens. My drive has been going like a champ for the last couple months I’ve had it. I’m very pleased with it.

I agree that there are some quality concerns. I just had to RMA my second dw1620. I understand that there are bound to be bad ones, but having 2 die after less than 1 month each is excessive and can’t really be considered a coincidence. I think I’ll look at Plextor next time around since I have always had good experiences with them in the past.

Good luck with your Plextor. My last Plextor went RMA twice within a couple of weeks and still did not burn well. I guess every manufacturer can produce lemons - Plextor just makes very expensive ones. :slight_smile:

Check out the NEC 3500/3520 at CompUSA. You can find it under the name Mad Dog. Only $50 after rebate.

my 1620 also died, after 2 months. And after I have learned to make it master on secondary IDE, to upgrade firmware without problems, to burn also -R media very well, and all looked to work fine - for a very short period :-(.

Doesn’t open or close. So, I suppose I have to replace it.

This is great… like an IDE device knows whether or not it’s the master/slave on a particular IDE channel…

:slight_smile: pcdoc…

when the DVDRW is slave on primary IDE, I cannot burn on high speeds, because of the HDD… even 4x is too much :-). Why, I don’t know, because should work at 15 MBps, but not.

so, DVDRW as master (or slave, but single on IDE channel) on secondary IDE, high quality 80 wires cable, DMA, no other HDD on that channel… this way I had good burns.

anyway, now doesn’t open or close. looks pretty dead.

This problem can be caused by the loss of the 12V supply. If you haven’t already returned it, make sure you try it on another power supply lead/plug first.

I was going to say, these sound fishy to me like Power Supply type problems. I wonder how many “Bad” BenQ’s Philips gets back that really are perfectly fine and healthy and then get resold as refurbished bulk units or something? hehe, probably why my unit was “refurbished” - wasn’t anything wrong with it really when BenQ got it back so they resold it as a refurbished unit. Hey, someone elses loss is my gain of a great little drive. :slight_smile:

A friend of mine baught a different brand burner and when it was installed in his computer the computer powersupply detected a short and imediately shut down to protect the computer. Well he took it back and they gave him a new one and it did the same thing, then he got the bright idea to try a different connector and bam it worked fine. So I have to agree, I really think people are to eager to blame things on a bad drive or quality controll when alot of the time it is actually something intirely else. Oh, and I’m not going to say what brand it was because I nothing against it or any other for that matter and it is not necessary.

For all Asus mobo owners, Asus PC Probe gives a lot of useful information… :slight_smile:

I figured I’d post a “me too”.

The drive worked great for about 3 months, then a few days ago it started having 20-30 minute lead in times on media that used to work fine… Then today the drive door stopped opening and closing while it was half way pulled in. I only managed to get 25 or so burns out of this particular drive, which is a new record low for me. The fastest I’ve ever burnt out a drive before was well over 200 burns.

My multimeter says my 12V lead is fine, and my scope says the power is clean. It’s a super-heavy-duty powersupply to support my dual 1800+s, and if there were power supply issues in this machine, the whole system would stop working. It’s very finicky like that.

Multiple drives failing the same exact way… I think I smell crap. At least it only cost $50.

Just wanted to add a few words about Plextor and their QC since a few poster’s mentioned they were leaning towards them for their next purchase.

I personally own the Iomega equivalent of the 121032A which is a 12x10x32x CD-RW drive and it has worked flawlessly ever since it was purchased in 2000. A few friends of mine though, have both purchased and had problems with Plextor drives. One had a 161040A that died right after the one year warranty period expired and he had to pay to have it repaired. The other purchased a PX-708A DVD burner which also died right after the one year warranty period.

The point of this post is that computer hardware can be spotty regardless of the manufacturer. I work for a computer company that makes SCSI and fibre channel controllers and there have been days where I’ve issued more than one RMA for the same model adapter. I’ve even talked to customers who bought 2 of the same card and they were both bad.

So far there hasn’t been a huge outpouring of complaints regarding these drives so they can’t be that bad. We all know it only takes one lemon to sour an experience, but based on all of the positive reviews you hear about these drives, it would probably be worth your time to send the drive in and give it another go round. If you choose another manufacturer’s product next time, just keep in mind that there is no guarantee of quality with them either.

The only product I trust to ALWAYS work right are my Technics SL-1200MKII turntables, they are tanks. If you’re a fellow DJ you will understand that statement.

Like I’ve said before I never see a shortage of Plextor refurbished drives for sale.
Dam even refurbished plextors are way over priced. :Z
Also no matter how you cut it forgetting rebates plextors still double the price and some times more. :eek:

I think you can find plenty of reburbed drives from any drive manufacturer. Look at all the Lite-On refurbished drives… Lite-On has a much worse reputation than BenQ/NEC/Pioneer does but that could just be from the fact that they sell so many more drives from being a household name since the CD-RW days too. Guess I don’t really have a point to that but figured I’d add it - BenQ isn’t the only manufacturer to have bad drives, you could just as easily get a bad NEC, Pioneer, or Lite-On Drive too. Crap happens.

BenQ isn’t the only manufacturer to have bad drives, you could just as easily get a bad NEC, Pioneer, or Lite-On Drive too. Crap happens.

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

well, i’m waiting for my replacement drive now… we will see how long that will last :cool:
in the mean time, no dvd burning for me :sad:


Well the good thing is…it went out while still under warrenty :wink: