Another dead 1620 (rebadge)

well finally my other Philips 1640P has died and ive only used it a handful of times since i bought it :a when the machine powered itself off the drive tray ejected half way and then i had to use a safety pin to open the drive after it got completely stuck, (the 1st time the drive was used properly was 2 days ago when my gf’s brother put a copy of counter strike in it) now it wont read any discs, going back to pc world methinks, if i can wangle a refund (which i was offered when my other 1640P broke) i may just get a 1650 out of it :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with my 1620 (IO Magic [Benq] 1620 G7C9) :confused: I tried a lot of firmwares (G series, B series, Philips, even from different model) and it still doesn’t work. Any ideas?

yeah RMA

I bought it in USA but I’m living in Poland now :confused:

oh well, Rzucają to w koszu :slight_smile:

looks like its gone m8

Oh yea, prosto do kosza :smiley: