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Country music record company Fahrenheit Entertainment said it will begin selling copy-protected CDs by early next year using encryption technology from SunnComm, a little-known…

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Yo Sunncomm if you are so sure about your copy protection then make a contest out of it! promise to the first one who copy’s it a million dollars huh? AND SEE HOW MUCH FAITH YOU HAVE IN YOUR COPY PROTECTION!!


This is a joke, right ? :wink:


What are these guys smoking!


Come on I like a challenge, tell me the cd and im 99% sure I will crack the protection


copy protecting country music cds? i thought the music itself took care of that!! its a complete joke, anyway…it will be ripped. there are just so many possibilites.


hell, why would you want to rip a country music cd. they will stop us pirating their cds, they’ve used the best method ever. no-one will want to copy them!


Country?! Uck!
I’ts definetly the best copyprotection so far

Maybe I shouldn’t say that, don’t want C-Dilla to copy this protection, imagine RA2 with Garth Brooks…?
Horible thought


They sould cut out the shit, just focus on DvD, they are way to expensive to copy. Remember they said the DvD code couldn’t be broken? Well, a 14 year old kid broke it.
-=: Cracking will never die! :=-


except with countrymusic


If that protection will be very strong… We will listen to the CD when it’s playing: If We can listent to this CD, We can COPY it!!! (analogic extraction is very similar to digital copy with a good soundcard!)



How about record the contents through my player’s digital-out to digital-in on my SB Live?


We don’t need the key, we’ll break it!
If they spend more bucks trying to avoid piracy, they’ll have to raise the cd prices, so more and more piracy will ocurr. The ONLY way to stop it maybe is to charge reasonable prices for the cd’s.


They probably are joking yes!
But… I did encounter a prob during a copyprocess; when I wanted 2 copy DJ Jean’s Magix Music Maker, it couldn’t read this one file (IOFILE.X64)! And when I tried 2 read it with CCD, it stopped every time @ 98% and wouldn’t move 4 about 2 days!!! (every time I tried it!)
So is there someone who did manage 2 copy this one? Or is there someone who has the mentioned file what was unreadable!?
Please mail me with info!

(ps. Had the same prob half a year ago, with Magix MM 5 deluxe!)


Oh no…a copyprotection.
Anyone ever heard of that before ???
It sound serious, and on the country music cd’z. They really got me this time.

This must be a F*UCKING joke.
When do they realize that it’s a waste of money making it ??
How long do a protection last?
If it’s very good…maybe 2 weeks.
It will be cracked o)


this protection can ONLY work if you can not listen to the music…he he he he he eh eh ehe he he he he he what are they thinking ???