Another company pledges to reverse engineer Apples DRM

I just posted the article Another company pledges to reverse engineer Apples DRM.

Apple has
fiercely declined to license it’s iTunes DRM to any other online store, thereby
locking out other online music stores from tapping into the vast market of iPod
toting people. Some…

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That wannabe company has always been about proprietary overpriced monopolistic solutions and this comes as a surprise? Puhleeze! What we REALLY need is for someone to reverse engineer Apple’s DRM thus breaking it in the process and then to put the result in the public domain in open source format in a country that isn’t subject to the US DMCA rubbish.
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There is, and always has been a way for a competitor to legally sell iPod compatible songs. It’s called not f’ing using DRM!!!

Easy solution. Boycott iPods. They’re junk anyway. Crap batteries, poor quality control and made by an arrogant company that screws its customers by continually over-hyping products that don’t perform as described. Go away Apple - you’re finished as a computer company and slowly losing out as a media company as well.