Another coaster maker here!

I am backing up DVDs using DVD Shrink 3.0 Beta 5.0 and Nero 6.0 (currently demo version). The problem is that sometimes the burn is completely successful and sometimes despite it appearing successful I am left with a disc that my reader/burner reports it “sees” as a CD and I can not view any of the files on the disk. I have had this problem with other ripping/burning programmes. the media I am using is not the cheapest and I do not appear to have any problems with disk or buffer underrun errors. I am a newbie (of sorts) and any help would be greatly appreciated!

How long have you had the burner?? Is it new or a old one??

Thank you for your reply. The burner is brand new…a PioData (i.e Pioneer) DVR-SK11 which is a slimline external model connecting through a USB 2.0 port. I am also running Windows XP on a Dell machine which has an internal CD burner. I have uninstalled all the original CD burning software (Easy CD Creator).

Does this help narrow the problem down?