Another cheap cdr deal 100, memorex 700mb 10.00 no rebate

OfficeMax will have Memorex 100pk CDR for $9.99 from this sunday (4/20 to 4/26)
40.00 - 30 instant rebate + tax

Can you buy them online or do you have to go to the store to get that price?

yes this is an INSTORE only special you must go to a local store to get that price (+tax of course) the discount is applied at the checkout

Do you think we could buy more than one at a time? Do they have a in-store disclaimer stating one per customer? I would have drive 40 miles to pick-up a few and I am not sure if it would be worth it for just one. I would like to buy 5-6 of them. Thanks for the information!

first of all there is an officemax in Brooklyn and one in Queens so take the subway :smiley: according to the circular I do not seee a limit stated

Brooklyn flyer for OM (they are the same for all NY stores and probably the whole country

(hit referesh button in toolbar to see the circular)

Originally posted by lagger

(hit referesh button in toolbar to see the circular)
Yep. It worked just fine for me, I can confirm this by displaying a clip :

lagger , you have been very helpful lately !

Thanks for that, man !!! :bow: :wink:

Here is the full ad to whoever needs it. :smiley:

hey thats pretty cool how ya did that wonder if this sneak preview will work also

link to new OM circular