Another CD-R copy protection tool



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Webstyler used our newssubmit to tell us that he has developed a tool that allows you to add a copy protection to your burned CD-Rs. Besides CCD-Lock and Tz this new freeware tool should help you…

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i’m gonna try this files and post the review in my site, :slight_smile:


some files ??? with damaged sectors ??? well, i gonna try this…:wink:


now my review is online in my page, into the tutorial section :wink:


i guess 1 time is enough, there’s no need to spam…


@technogt: maybe you should send your reviews to Domi and let him put them on the site with your credits. Your site is way too slow. I’ve got cable connection and it takes minutes to load it.


Can Clone CD make a perfect backup of this protection?


ok, no more new, and no more review thanks :slight_smile:


craig0007: Of course, CloneCD can beat it :p. Even though reading of the CD lasts for more time, but you can copy it with “Intelligent Bad Sectors Scanner” setting and read speed at 4x max., writing doesn’t require any special settings. Besides, only *.wzc files on the CD can’t be copyied - any others can… so THIS IS ANOTHER USELESS COPY PROTECTION FOR HOMEMADE CCDLock+Tz as well … :7


Luki, if *.WZC files cannot be copied, and my make a backup of something with this on it, it will copy all files except for the ones with the extension of *.WCZ? Has anybody been able to combine this thing with CCDLock and Tz?


craig0007: Yes, just so! You can copy (drug&drop) all from the CD except *.wzc files…:r and you can make a backup of the entire CD with CloneCD (include unnecessary *.wzc files)…:stuck_out_tongue: CCDLock makes really uncopyable CD (not even with CloneCD), BUT MANY FILES ON THE CD STAY UNREADABLE AT ALL (probably those that use CRC checksum), so you won’t be able to use them at all (e.g. BMP, some AVI, ZIPs files etc.) - that’s useless protection for home users. :stuck_out_tongue: Tz prog. extends a size of one file you select within ISO image to be larger than 800MB not to go on backup CD by drag&drop, BUT YOU CAN COPY SUCH CD BY CLONECD AGAIN! :d