Another case against Napster

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Now EMusic sues Napster, because of copyright infringement. The company also sued Napster for ‘unfair’ competition.

For over six months, Napster has flatly rejected our requests to filter out…

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Well there is one answer to this! If the music industry adopted a feasible pricing plan on the cost of music to the public, such as reducing single albums to as little as £5, and double albums to £10. I am sure we would all buy more. Another way to look at it, is why should we pay £15+ for a double album, which has some crap tracks on it? Why should the user not be allowed to download the tracks in mp3 format? This way they can listen to what they are buying before they go and part with some hard earned cash.

Well, my whole thing is this: years ago the public had a 45 r.p.m. record. In other words, when you heard a song that you liked on the radio, you went to the local store & for anyhwhere between $0.49 & $0.99 (thats less than one dollar) you got that song & one additional ‘‘trial’’ song (the ‘‘B’’ side). If you liked the “B” side you usually bought the entire album. Then they took that away & instead began charging $15 for a full Cd (twice as much as a vinyl L.P. - even though it is far less costly to produce,) or you bought the Cd single for $5.99 that had about 8 extra mixes that no one needed except d.j.'s. It is only natural that the mp3 was invented & thus only natural for Napster to be become big since there was no commercial method for a consumer to purchase one song that he/she liked {ie. 45 r.p.m.} However, now- instead of the record companies fighting the mp3 revolution, they should look inwards to themselves. Heres the truth: right now they have the ability to be releasing all music in DVD-A format which will be far superior to Cd & especially mp3 - as a matter of fact the difference of quality will be so good that a lot of us will probably buy the DVD-A version after a preview of a few free mp3 songs. As well, VH1 has played the absolute classic video’s for quite some time on VH1 classic - yet we cannot buy 99% of those video’s - why? My living comes from recording & producing music - yes, copyrighted music - if I owned my own record company I would surely let the mp3’s out to the public & then present them with a much superior disk for sale that had a huge amount of data on it: - super high quality dolby digital 5.1 & 24bit/96khz DVD-A discs with a video to every song - then the mp3 would finally stand very short & be likened to the ‘‘analogue cassette version’’ --I never knew anyone to prefer a cassette of thier favorite artist over the vinyl l.p. - I think part of the purpose of 'computer security techno fiddiling with" is to make the big boys come up with more sophisticated security for our own protection & part of the purpose of the mp3 revolution is to make the big boys come up with something that far exceeds what we can get for free so that we will buy it - I think almost anyone would seek to make purchases to support artists if we got more than what we can already get for free on our own??? Maybe it is time for the Beatles to re-release all of thier songs & video’s in a Holographic format. Anywaze: *** Has Napster’s success prevented The Beatles from becoming #1 once again even though most of us have prior releases of thier music - they even made it onto the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine - again!! & they copy-protected thier newest #1 release (though a good eac rip & nero make a fine overburned copy). The Napster issue is a dilemna that has the natural course of events for the love of music screaming out for change. Let’s embrace it - not stunt it. p.s. - If you get The Beatles new release {1] on Napster, you get 27 songs. If you buy the Cd you get a nice booklet. But get this, if you order the Album Vinyl L.P. version from you get a huge poster & ***4 full color 8"x10" photo’s! - There is a perfect example of why the Album Vinyl version is much cooler than the Napster downloaded version - duh…Come on Record comapnies - give us something worth buying instead of a measly booklet & a bunch of Cd filler songs. Give us a full set of video’s, an interactive section to play with the mix of a song ourselves, tons of historical & promotional photo’s, a full set of printeable lyrics & a few mp3’s of upcoming releases along with a 5 channel Dolby Digital mix; a stereo 24 bit / 96khz mix, a 5 channel 24 bit / 96khz mix, a stereo 24 bit / 192khz mix & a standard 44.1khz/16 bit mix all on one DVD-A & some of us will shell out the bux for such a package as opposed to having only the mp3 files to burn on some cheepee cdr disk.

Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize i typed so much - so sorry for the huge post fellow Cd Freaks :slight_smile: …I must be pretty darn passionate about this issue…

Wouldn’t Napster be well off to pull the plug on the service? :smiley: