Another booktype question

Don’t shoot me down if this question has been asked before…
but is seems that my BenQ 1640 doesn’t change the booktype setting when I’m burning an ISO file which is smaller then the size of the DVD+R’s.
Say, when I’m burning a 4GB ISO file on a 4,4 GB +r the booktype doesn’t change to DVD-ROM. i have triple checked the setting in QSuite and that is set correctly. I’m using firmware BSOB. I also removed Nero 6 as I thought that could be the issue but no luck

Does anyone else have this problem?

How are you checking the booktype?

Someone told me it is default for BenQ 1640 to set +R to booktype -ROM without us having to set it.

What software you use to burn the ISO. A software can override the drive settings so that might be the problem.

Check the booktype with Nero CD-DVD Speed “Disc Info”. You can also set the booktype with Nero CD-DVD Speed > Extra > Bitsetting.

True, at least if Qsuite 2.1 is installed, don’t know in other cases but as it’s a function of the firmware I guess it’s automatic even when Qsuite is not installed.

Sounds like a bug to me. Never encoutered it, so I can’t help. :frowning: - maybe try another f/w version (BSLB was still my favourite one).

Thanks guys. I will try and flash it to BSLB as that worked pretty good for me in the past.

I checked using Nero CD/DVD speed and I burn with DVD Decrypter… it could also be a bug though… it sounds like it at least

In DVDD, click the book icon (circled red). Does it shows like these?

Yes, check this, maybe you changed this setting unintentionally?

Or it could be a misunderstanding like the one I had with what is being reported back. The one, you helped me with Franck, regarding disc type and booktype. the one where I thought the booktype change hadn’t worked because in CD/DVD speed it was still reporting disc type as +R. That’s why I asked what was being used to check the booktype.

Insightful :iagree: