Another "Black Friday" post <worst buy>

As this store is known to abuse the DMCA I shall not name it directly

The 1st set of items require you be at the store when it opens 11/28 at like 6:00 am

happy hunting :slight_smile: I have no further details at the moment and I cannot directly vouch for this lists’ accuarcy however I believe it to be a valid sneak peek from a reliable source

  1. 100 CDR free after rebate
  2. DVD player 19.99 after rebates
  3. Maxtor 120 GB HD 49.99 after rebates
  4. E machines pc 199.99 after rebates
    Celeron 2.4 Ghz, DVD/CDRW, 256 Mb DDR, 80 Gig HD
  5. Samsung Hi8 Camcorder - 129.99 after rebates

Friday and Saturday has some more stuff

  1. 52X CDRW for 4.99 after rebates
  2. 14" LCD for 99.99 after rebates
  3. Minitek portable 5" DVD player 149.99 after rebates
  4. D link wireless router for 19.99 after rebates
  5. APC 350VA UPS 4.99 after rebates
  6. Philips MP3/ radio portable 29.99 after rebates

This years hard drive deal: Maxtor 120GB 7200RPM Internal HD w/8MB Buffer - $50 A/R
This years video card deal: ATI Radeon 9600 128MB - $70 A/R
This years monitor deal: Samsung 17" LCD Monitor - $280 A/R
SanDisk 256MB CF Card - $40 A/R
SanDisk 256MB SD Card - $50 A/R
DVD XCopy: Gold - $20 A/R
Norton SystemWorks/AntiSpam/Firewall 3-in-1 package - $0 A/R
Lite-On 4x Multi-Format DVD Burner - $80 A/R
Sony P-10 5MP Digital Camera w/free 64MB MS - $400 A/R
Canon Powershot A70 3.2MP w/free 64MB CF - $300 A/R
Daewoo 42" Plasma TV - $2300 A/R
Panasonic 5.1 700-Watt Home Theatre w/progressive scan DVD player (speakers are built into stands) - $500 w/$50 free gift card
600-Watt version of above w/o speaker stands - $350 w/free $50 gift card
Bose 3-2-1 Home Theatre System - $900
Pinnacle Studio 8 - $0 A/R
MS Digital Image Suite 9.0 - $20 A/R
Canon ZR60 MiniDV Camcorder - $300 A/R
MAG 19" LCD Monitor - $430 A/R
Sony Clie SJ-22 - $100 A/R
Casio 2.3" Handheld TV - $40 A/R
APC 350VA UPS - $5 A/R
FujiFilm FinePix A303 3.2MP - $150

They already have the Seagate Baracuda 160GB for $90 after MIRx2. I got 2! Much better deal than the Maxtor.

Better drive(s) too from all I’ve heard although the maxtors are 42 cents @ GB and the Seagate is 56 cents @ GB

(fwiw my 1st ever 1gb drive cost me $350.00 lol )

Originally posted by lagger
As this store is known to abuse the DMCA I shall not name it directly

Hmm…is that the <best> you can do? :slight_smile:

What is the DMCA??

Originally posted by xtremeskier97
What is the DMCA??

digital millenium copyright act


Your Rights Online: FatWallet To Sue Best Buy Over DMCA Threat

Posted by simoniker on Wednesday November 26, @08:17PM
from the court-in-the-act dept.
jkeyes writes “Online deal site FatWallet announced today that they will be suing Best Buy and other companies that sent them DMCA takedown notices. They are seeking a declaration from the court stating that Best Buy and other companies’ demands were an abuse of the DMCA, and also violate the 1st Amendment.” We covered Best Buy’s original DMCA invocation a few days back.

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Does anyone know what the media code for these DVD’s are? Anyone had any luck using them with a plextor 708?