Another bite out of the Apple?

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Does anyone think of the saying 'when it rains, it pours" when reading this? Sony’s clear lack of QA has now led to Apple initiating the second biggest recall in U.S. history,…

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Will this effect Apples market share? Only in the short term (we consumers have short memories). Will this effect Sony’s/HP’s market share? not at all. They like hundreds of other companies are only sullplying the bits to apple, they slap their sticker on the product and call it theirs, so many people don’t fully understand that Apple didn’t reallly make these themselves. Sony don’t give a monkeys as long as they keep their order sheets full and people pay their bills. All that us more savvy consumers can do is try to find out who make the batteriees / power supplies / whatever and decide if we want to keep supporting these companies. As for Apple, I’m sure that they will take extra care next time to make sure that the batteries will be fine, but if there in a long term contract with Sony then they might not be able to go to any other supplier.
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Very balanced reaction I must say! Just to clarify, I’m not bashing Sony per se, although I do use this article as a stepping stone to inform potential future customers of Sony and especially HP that one needs to try to find online reviews of each product before buying, then make an informed decision. Although I am leery of Sony given this obvious oversight, it turns out the best-reviewed product as a VHS recorder/DVD combo was a Sony unit. Although there were competing products from JVC, Samsung, Philips and Magnavox in the same price range (and one might assume JVC and Philips would have been a good choice for this unit to, but they were not, curiously), only the one Sony (SLV-D370P) was well-reviewed by many consumers. Any company can still have a good unit, but one needs to check CAREFULLY these days before buying, because “red flags” such as these are something people and consumers need to be aware of, so they know to be careful.

this news is like 4 days old. was all over the BBC website ages ago. Not trying to complain or bitch but I really think you should have a rule that if news is over X days old its just not posted at all.

Just so fellow “reactors” are aware, the newsposting process is not necessarily “automatic” in the sense that one just posts a news item and it appears minutes later on the CDFreaks front page here. News postings may be reviewed by a senior editor and then posted once approved. So while postings may be added in a timely fashion to the queue, this process requires varying amounts of time, as newspostings are submitted by volunteers such as myself, then reviewed and approved by other volunteers. I hope this clarifies matters. :wink:

I know… I used to be one years back when I had more free time. I’ve followed this site for over 5yrs or something but that doesn’t change the fact that 4day old stories just shouldn’t be posted.

Find this a bit anti Japanese, these so called corporate America companies put out a tender with the specs they require, then go for the cheapest bidder…who happens to be Sony in this case. I work in aerospace and we send out auditors to our vendors to check that everything is to spec. Hell mend them, deserve there image being damaged, for being greedy.