Another Benq DW1620 bites the dust



I bought my DW1620 bulk in Dec 2004 and crossflashed it to a retail pro. Have been using latest B7U9 firmware with no problems and burnt about 50 Dvd’s without one coaster. In the last few days, it has been slowing down to 4X speed maximum burning with poor quality scans and eventually, it stopped recognising blank dvdr’s. Now, when I insert a cd or dvd, it just makes a clicking noise while the led blinks, then the led goes out but it doesn’t recognise the disks. Have now flashed it back to a bulk drive so that I can hopefully return it under warranty for a replacement. If I have the choice, I will exchange it for a different make due to the current quality control problems.


i feel your pain :sad:

i had to send mine back also after a couple months of use.

my replacement should here in the morning i’m hoping for better luck with this one.

i haven’t been able to burn a dvd for 7 days :eek: :eek:



Has BenQ responded to all these faulty drive claims, with a public/customer message or something.


Pleased to say that I have just had my faulty Benq OEM 1620 replaced after it failed after three months, by Special Reserve Shop. They have exchanged it free of charge for a retail Benq 1620 and told me they are not stocking OEM Benq’s any more due to quality issues. The new retail Benq has B7S9 firmware and I will test it for a while before flashing to B7U9.


Most BenQ firmware comments seem to indicate that B7S9 is a firmware for China optimized for cheaper media. They generally say B7T9 or B7U9 is a better choice. Just passing on the info, mine came with B7S9 as well.


Just flashed to new firmware B7V9 and it’s looking very good so far.