Another BenQ 1640 rebadge

Compusa have the dw1640 in stock under HI-VAL brand (Mfr. Part #: HDVD168SL),for $89.99. It comes with GSLB bulk firmware. They have both internal and external models.

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That’s surprising. It’s the first time I’ve heard of a drive with bulk f/w.
BenQ’s site still only list GSHB. This GSLB would imply support for Solid Burn.
Just been to site using your ref: the drive I saw was $69.99 & if the diagram was accurate then not a 1640 clone. Spec not the same either. Also had a look at HIVAL site & couldn’t see a likely clone. Where did you get ref: for f/w GSLB. I couldn’t see any ref: to f/w.


Kind’a strange specs for this drive if you compare with a 1640

Edit. Heh, I’m not the only one confused here, I see.

Sorry that’s the cost here in Puerto Rico. I buyed two of them and already flashed them with befb firmware.

I’m going to buy another one for a friend then i’ll post a screenshot and a scan with the firmware.

Here is a picture taken from the box,and is true the specs listed by compusa are wrong, see the box with the correct specs.

My mistake, firmware is GSJB, but at least is an update from GSHB. Here is a scan of a burn with the drive. Unfortunately the firmware doesn’t support Qsuite functions and have no scanning capabilities.

Thats because its not crossflashed to a 1640… Those only work on a 1640…

When you can buy the genuine BenQ 1640 drive for $40 or less why anyone wants to buy the clone or repackage of the same drive for $90 I can’t understand it.

Probably the same mentality in buying a $44,000 MP3 player…

At Compusa i can purchase a extended warranty for my drives for one or two years, if the drive die in this period i can get a new one without additional cost, also i can choose any other drive for replacement. I just see some convenience this way.

Why purchase a extended warranty when you already have the manufacturers one? Even if you can get any other drive for a replacement, Compusa isn’t the easiest to deal with when it comes to extended warranties. It’s my understanding that if a item you purchase with a extended warranty doesn’t work correctly they’ll charge you another extended warranty for the replacement item that’s if you want another extended warranty. Convenience comes with a “COST”. For what you’ll be paying one can buy many BENQ 1640 drives. Even with shipping costs to Hawaii the 1640’s are still cheaper for me to purchase from NEWEGG than buying some rebadged 1640. :wink:

He said he was in Puerto Rico!!!

quick question/observation…
is this hi-val, in fact a benq 1640 ? and i can confirm that my compusa (ne usa) has a shelf full of these things, and generally that means a sale (rebate etc…)

Maybe next year,for example, i can get a HD or Blue Ray drive for replacement, you don’t have this choice, you have to buy ANOTHER one.

I assure you this model(Mfr. Part #: HDVD168SL) is in fact a 1640. I have two of them already crossflashed with firmware BEFB

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Going on your scans I believe I can confirm this too. See here post # 4 when I crossflashed my 1640 oem f/w BSLB to bulk GSHB. The results are very much like yours.
So as I found in post 2 of this thread the info at compusa is in fact incorrect.

:rolleyes: Lmfao! I highly doubt COMPUSA would allow you to get a HD or BLUERAY drive for a replacement!!! :stuck_out_tongue: lolololololol!!! As for HD or BLUE RAY drives the media will probably be very expensive! :wink: :slight_smile:

Regardless where he lives, if he can buy this drive from CompUAS then he can also purchase one from Newegg or other site with reasonable price way below CompUSA>

I just purchased a Hi-Val HDVD168DL (DW1640). It has GSJB installed. What are the steps, and where are the file to cross flash to a retail DW1640?