Another BenQ 1620Pro NoBurn Issue - Newbie Special

Hello All,

Well once upon a time I had a fine working BenQ 1620Pro bulk drive running G7Z9. I never flashed it and it ran fine on what is considered weak media, Memorex DVD-R (CMC Magnetic) It then began to act up and stop ejecting and making motor sounds, etc. I RMA’ed it and happily received a replacment drive. That’s when I had problems…

Oh BTW, this is on WinXP Pro SP2 on an older Dell Dimension 8100 (1.3 Ghz)
but this has been adequate in the past.

They sent me another bulk drive running G7L9. Before even burning with it, I flashed it to G7V9 (the latest, I think) which I hope was not a troubleshooting mistake.

Anyway, now that I try to burn DVDs using the same box, OS, IDE channel, media, etc., I get an I/O Error, Interpretation: Check Condition involving sectors 0-31. (error attached to thread) It bombs right after reporting an attempt to write the Leadin track. Same place everytime on any DVD backup copy. It can read/write CDs and read DVDs, but can’t burn DVDs.

I typically have used DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, and Elby’s CloneDVD. I did recently install Nero Ultra 6 and DVD Identifier, where I think I haven’t attempted any burns even on the old drive since that. (I was away) Could there be a conflict with this software?

I’ve tried all of: uninstalling drive, uninstalling DVD Decrypter and Shrink and removed the IDE channel the drive is connected to (BenQ is only device and a master).

I will also be attaching to this thread a Nero InfoTool output. Would anyone have any additional troubleshooting advice for me? I’ve searched this forum and attempted many of the suggestions on record, but just can’t get anywhere. I do plan to reload WinXP at some point, but hope to not have to as a solution for this problem. Must be something very fundamental I’m missing!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Steve

Hey,i have the exact same problem!!
I updated mine from G7H9 to G7V9 and get the same error and can’t burn dvd’s,but can burn cd’s,have you fixed the problem now,because your help would be greatly appreciated now?