Another Battlefield 1942 Coaster

Hey ppl,

umm well i stumbled across this site some weeks ago and was pretty impressed with the support and help, well done!

Well ive tried making backup copies of my BF1942 and i just get Coasters. Ive tried making an image with Fantom CD just because i wanted to run the image with Daemon Tools but it said to insert the cd, SO i gave up there and moved onto clone cd seeing a lot of you ppl seem to use it. So i tried burning the cd with my Sony CRX-175E which i think is 2 sheep and my Reader is a 16x Pioneer 106s. I know its Safe Disc 2 and i used the settings from one of the other threads about all the different types of protection and also enabled AWS, The cd doesn’t work in my burner and in my DVD drive it just sits @ the BF1942 Splash Sreen trying to read the cd over and over.

And also where is the option so u can make it hide cd-r media?

Im currently using Clone CD

Thanks for your support guys! :smiley: :bow:

Q: How do I enable “Hide CD-R media”?
A: Make sure that you have CloneCD 4(or late 3.x versions) installed and that the tray icon is running. Right click the tray icon and select “Hide CD-R media”. Now the tray icon will change color and the “Hide CD-R media” function will be active.

this was in the FAQ in the Liteon forum

First update your version of clonecd to the latest version ( as there is a bug with hide cd media in the version you’re using that affects Lite-on writers (your writer is a re-badged Litey, btw).

Next, if hide sd media is greyed out in the tray icon menu, check your language settings in Windows preferences. It’s probably set to US english which is the default. Change the setting to Australian english and re-boot. Hide cd media should then be available.

Thanks for that,

but is there anything u can tell me for copying BF1942 seeing my dvd drive doesn’t even let it work just sits there, it seems its just sitting there looking @ the bad sectors.

Try enabling hide cd media before playing. Whilst there are very few dvds that can read the atip, you may have one of them.

Ok sweet ill try that, thanks heaps :smiley: