Another batch of AACS 2.0 Volume Keys leaks - AnyDVD to support keys

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A new batch of AACS 2.0 Volume Keys has leaked on the web and Redfox has stated to add support for the keys as well in an upcoming beta of AnyDVD. The keys can, combined with Ultra HD Bluray friendly drive, be used to rip Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. This time about 30 leaked on…

Let’s rock…bring on the beta ! :bigsmile:

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Like I said it posting if you can make it they can break it or leak it whichever comes first… lmao…


This great news!

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Great news I am glad I have held off purchasing Deuhd and i expect the monkey will be working on this too soon if they are not already…:biggrin:

I asked them for a comment two days ago, I hope they will tell me more on Monday!

Meh, still a little miffed that my ‘lifetime’ license for AnyDVD is no longer valid.

I’ll stick with DeUHD/MakeMKV for now.

I can appreciate that sentiment if you had only recently bought the license when SlySoft tanked, but I got years of use out of AnyDVD HD and felt that I got real value out of what I paid for the time they supported it. So, when RedFox was born from the ashes I felt OK paying again for a license. The fact is, any ‘lifetime’ license only lasts as long as the company backing it. That’s the risk we take and I am guessing DeUHD is going to be another lesson in that department sooner rather than later. At least I got two lifetime licenses for AnyDVD for the cost of one DeUHD :slight_smile:

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Agreed. I probably would’ve paid $500 for the Fox if I had to. Use it daily.

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I’m only miffed that I missed the discounted upgrade period on RedFox. By like two days. I really should have been paying more attention.

My Guess is they are going to tell you no but behind the locked development door things will be another story.

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Does this mean the Fox will come out with a new CloneBDUHD copier?

I dunno about other DeUHD buyers experiences,but my payment was redirected to China…for a Russian program…:bigsmile:

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CloneBD might already handle UHD

I payed for two lifetime licenses for RedFox and have not purchased DeUHD but have been following this thread from the onset. It has been very encouraging.

CloneBD beta latest out is supposed to be able to handle Decrypted UHD files.

And You think I am surprised about that…LMAO…:disagree: Monkey is pushing UHD Copy and Ripper very hard I bought it before the price goes up it was cheap enough as long as you have a AIO License.

I am Just hedging my bet that the Monkey will soon be decrypting UHD BD:biggrin:

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