Another Autorun question

I guess I am a dummy when it comes to autorun. I have a CD with one .mpg file on it. I would like to be able to make it an autorun cd that will play on others computers so I cannot give file paths. I want it to play with Media Player. Can someone tell me if this is possible and what will be in the autorun.inf file?

a standard autorun looks something like this


Now what you wanna do is play an mpeg file when you insert it. It actually isn’t that hard. As long as the file is on the same cd it is very easy to play it without pathnames (using the player that the person has set mpeg’s to by default. the Icon is optional unless your bored,

so yours would be


Put the mpeg in the root directory of the cd or dvd and your good to go. If you wanna put it in a “movies” sub-directory you just change the open to “open=movies\filename.mpg”

When the disk is inserted it will be as if the person had double clicked on the mpeg file from windows explorer or the likes.

if you wanna get even more “technical” you can make it launch media player. It would look something like.

open=wmplayer.exe filename.mpg

Im not sure if this works on ALL versions of media player though

Thanks LordOberon, but I have tried both. I can open Media Player and click on the Play option then click on the drive and the .mpg plays, but I cannot get anything to happen with the autorun.inf file. Or I can explore the CD and click on the .mpg and I get a dialog box asking me what program do I want to open it with and I choose media player and it plays ok. All other autorun cd’s work fine. Thanks again for the reply.