Another Audio out of sync problem

Hi there, am new to this forum. I have had audio sync problems before but none like this. Here’s the go so far:

  1. Have an AVI file (Xvid codec) with MP3 adio (LAME encoder, 80bitrate and 48000Hz)

  2. I used winAVI to convert the file to MPEG2

  3. I then used TMPEnc DVD to convert the file into DVD

  4. Burnt the DVD and the audio was out of sync and also got worse further into the movie

  5. There were no sync issues in the MPEG2 file…problem only occurred once i converted into VOB files

  6. I tried de-muxing the MPEG2 file with TMPEnc plus. Both the output video and audio file had the same time length. NOTE: Previously, if the time length of the files were different, i used Goldwave to fix the audio

  7. I also tried DVDLab. After de-muxing the MPEG2 file, it said the audio frequency was 44kHz and should be 48kHz. I allowed it to transcode it to that frequency. I then made a DVD using the demuxed video and audio files. Once again, the resultant VOB files have out of sync audio

Any hep would be appreciated

When you use various converters you do lose alot of stuff try to use just one and convert from AVI to DVD there is stuff to do that but I don’t think there free.

i think i have found a solution (from a post in another forum). I was told to use virtualdub to rip out the audio file as an uncompressed WAV file and then use TMPEnc to mux both this WAV file and the original AVI file together to make a MPEG2 file. I just did a short conversion, and then converted this MPEG2 to DVD and it seems to have fixed the sync issues. I will make a full conversion later as TMPEnc said it was going to take hours!

This is so OLD! :frowning:
Already instructed countless times in the video & audio sections.
Also, you can use the original sources instead.

Anyway, SEARCH is the most powerful forum feature.

Thanks all-mighty-one chef

Try this if you want simple:

Nahhh, I just got a lil bit too sarcastic.

The problem is that you have got a file with VBR audio - most converters get freaked and producing wrong output when VBR audio comes into play. :bigsmile:

hehe…it’s all good! The thing is, I had done quite a bit of researching but none of the procedures described helped me out :frowning: . That’s why I thought I would post and see if anyone had exactly the same problem

That sounds nice.

You maybe also could check out VirtualDubs “bro&sister tools”:

VirtualDubMod and nanDub.
Also info on and /guides …