Another Annoying Newb Question

So I’m deeply sorry, as I know this has probably been asked 1 thousand different times in 1 thousand different ways but I’m really new to this copy/backup biz and I’m getting a little frustrated, so I figure why not ask the pros?

Between myself and my roommates we have several (in the hundreds) of DVD movies that we all love to watch when we can but if you’ve ever lived with roommates (3 + me in this case) you know that stuff is constantly being borrowed and lost or misplaced and yada yada something goes poof. We thought it would be perfect to make back ups of our movies to avoid the loss. If someone needs to take a movie or watch it in their room, they use the back up and the original is safe in the living room.

Unfortunately we’ve seemed to have run into a few problems.

Copying the movies themselves seems to be going well, we’re basically using CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD, taking the Files into DVD Shrink and cutting out the silly stuff that we don’t need and the everything is good to go and burn.

This is where I hit a big giant brick wall. I’ve used everything ImgBurn, Nero, Alch120, CloneDVD2 and a few others to burn the backup DVD. Every single time we cannot get the DVD copies to play in standalone DVD players, they play wonderfully in our computers using PowerDVD or the like but never in stand alones.

We tried changing the media we were burning too naturally, at first we were using Maxell DVD+R, then we tried Sony DVD-R and DVD+R, Memorex+R (I know bad, but was worth a try), and about 3 other quality makes. All no luck.

We always burn at 4X, but we’ve tried 2.4X and 8X. We’ve updated the firmware on my DVD-Burner, an LG 16X SL. Booktype is always DVD-Rom as is suggested on these forums.

We’ve tried changing everything about how we make the copy in the first place, creating ISO’s instead of the VOB, IFO files and again, no luck. We have managed to get back up movies to work on these players before (other friends have brought over, that kind of thing) and we’ve researched the models themselves (one is a Toshiba and the other a sony) to make certain they are compatible.

So honestly, I’m just at a loss here, I MUST be missing something insanely obvious because I used to think I was a fairly bright girl but with completely failing at getting these back ups to work on standalone dvd players I’m really questioning my own intelligence. :doh:

So yeah, thanks for any helps, hints, tips anyone can provide.


Welcome to the forums.

It sounds like you’ve tried a lot of different things that we would normally advise. Have you tried Verbatim brand blank dvds yet? They are some of the most recommended disks available. If you buy the 16x speed disks, I would get the +R’s and burn them at 8x or 12x and bitset them to dvd rom.

Do the backup copies that you made work in other people’s players? Or have you just tried them in your Toshiba and Sony players?

Do you get a Prohibited Play error message? Or do the players simply not recognize the disks and fail to start the movie?

Hi Kerry,

Haven’t tried Verbatim disks yet, mostly because we don’t have many options locally, I pretty much invaded the near best buy and took a 10 pack of 4 or 5 different brands they had in store. I will try and find them though.

Haven’t tried them on other dvd players, just the toshiba and the sony but as I said, they work on our computers and we also have a mac they are all work wonderfully on. The toshiba comes up as “Incorrect Disk” and the Sony comes up as something similar.

Sorry I don’t have too much more help. If the copies play ok in your computers, it sounds like the decryption/copying process is being carried out correctly. That works or it doesn’t, so there isn’t much room for improvement.

Basically it sounds like you have very picky dvd players. Some are just better at reading burned disks than others. And it may be that the media you’ve been using isn’t a great match for that particular LG burner. If that is part of the problem, then maybe the Verbatims will help.

You have checked the disks to make sure that whatever method you are using to bitset the +R disks is actually working, yes? One way to check that is with Nero CD/DVD Speed. Look under the Disk Info tab and it should say Disk Type DVD+R, Booktype DVD-ROM.