Another Amazing Price Drop: Ridata/RICOH DVD+R 100pk now $31 After Rebate!

Folks… it’s dropped in price again!

Ridata/Ricoh 100pk DVD+R Newegg

Now $37.00 - $10.00 rebate + $4 shipping: $31 After Rebate!

True but I thought we couldn’t be 100% sure that these were Ricoh.

The pack i recently got was also RICOHJPNR01

This is an amazing deal

They are all from the same lot. They have been Ricoh all summer, and the shipment I got yesterday was Ricoh.

Just tell me you guys can burn this stuff at 8x and I’ll be all over it.

Yes, i can burn mine at 8X with my NEC 3500 in an external enclosure

Sweet. Gonna order it Monday w/ a pair of Crucial PC3200 512MB for my new 20" iMac. Damn, I’m going out of control this month. G5 Dual 2.0 earlier this month, now this.

be careful. check feedback at newegg. people are getting ritekr03. even tho these r 8x media they are crap. my 2500@2510 burns ricoh @ 8x literally 10x cleaner. my pi with ricoh are round < 12, pifs 2. my pi with ritek > 100.

When I ordered these I received RICOHJPNR01. (Good batch also)

@Stoner- They burn great at 8X on both my drives :iagree: .

Man, if I don’t get Ricoh that can burn @ 8x on my 811S, you guys have to buy it at full price from me, all 99 discs. :bigsmile:

On my 851s I get decent burns at 8x but I get beter (sometime nearlly perfect) burns at 6x. It’s not much slower and I like really clean burns more than maximum speed.

You have to buy the 4X box to get the Ricoh. They burn great at 8X. The 8X boxes are Ritek (I got stuck too) and are crap. :Z I’ve should receive another box of 4X on Monday from Newegg, then I’ll be well stocked.

thats was the 4x. i bought 4x three different times from newegg. first two were ricoh. last was ritek. i hate that ritek + media. meritlines ritek 4x is the r03 (i just ordered 100 from them). and that used to list the media code (ricoh01) pulled that off thier site. supermediastore even went so far as to take a users comment out of the rating section when he posted that “even tho media code is ricoh, i got ritekr03” i was almost ready to jump on the supermdeia deal till i saw that underhanded crap

I also got Ritek R03 and it was labeled on the disc as 4X so that is no guarantee. I have had very good results with my 812S and US0Q burning at 6X. It is better than any other speed and PI are level in the 30s.

For anyone who is interested in Ritek G05s, Newegg has a pretty good deal with rebate, $39 delivered. These really do burn at 8X and my NEC shows PI errors in the teens.

Below are some Kprobe scans of this RICOHJPNR01 from NewEgg. Pretty good stuff for the price. I noticed that some of the most rescent reviews on NewEgg say they received RICOHJPNR01. Hope it works out for all who ordered.

RICOHJPNR01 Burned at 8X on NEC 3500

RICOHJPNR01 Burned at 8X on Liteon 832S

Just received my shipment from Newegg yesterday, = RICOHJPN R01. These burn at 8x in my Plextor 712A v1.04, and NEC 2510, with very very low error ratios.

Looked through Neweggs feedback reviews. Not one person has mentioned they received Ritek mfg. It’s ALL been five star ratings, and RICOHJPN mfg.

You guys make me bleed talking about thse discs @ only .31 ea. Here In PI (Manila) I buy generic printable DVD-r’s at $.266 and Printable CDR’s @ $.175 Needless to say, some fly away. But supply is very limited and freight cost very high from the USA. Since I bought a Epson r-200, can’t do without Printable disc. =) The external enclosures I buy are the cheapest, and I have found that I lose 25% due to that.(QC not there) the Bytecc has done well tho, except for the 1st models. I use all external drives due to portability.
I’m looking to buy another burrner and was thinking of the NEC 3500 due to the media I use. Any input would be thoughtfully accepted. And keep in mind I don’t keep any of the stuff I burn, so thats why the cheepies, lol, who wants to put a VHS transfer on a “good” disc.

I can totally recommend the NEC 3500. It burns very well on anything I use and I see improvements over the same discs burned on multiple other brands. The only thing to compete with it would be the Pioneer 108.

Like chas0039, I also recommend the NEC 3500. Look at the Kprobe Scan I posted a link to (few posts up^^). That’s RICOHJPNR01 burned at 8X :iagree: . From what I’ve read, the Pioneer 108 is a really good drive also. I like bitsetting because I mostly use +R discs, so that’s another reason I chose the NEC 3500. Good luck.

hey bigred1:
just checked neweggs customer reviews again. posts from late august show people getting ro3’s.