Another 3540 deal, $44.50, Chief Value, shipped

In case you miss any of the Newegg deals.

$44 at newegg, which is $0.50 lower which is not important. But newegg has better customer service

Agreed and noted above. Problem is that Newegg often raises the price the same day. These two are related companies anyway.

hey chas,
any sense of which is better now? the 3520 or 3540 ?

Based on my usage of the 3520 and the scans I have seen of the 3540, I would choose the 3520. I think the 3540 firmware has a way to go to get good quality burns.

i thought i read somewhere that cheifvalue is really google gear ??? i have not purchased from chiefvalue, but googlegear is top notch.

I have read here, that chiefvalue is Newegg.

you could be right about that. maybe thats why the buggers at newegg charge me tax now :a

You mean you don’t pay your tax voluntarily when you file your tax return? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

You pay little tax for computer products anyway. (Look at what European consumers pay.) :bigsmile:

And whether it’s $45 or $50, sounds pretty cheap, or nearly free. Why don’t they offer free shipping for larger orders? (Common in South Korea.)

Some sellers offer free shipping for orders over $25 and others choose not to. It is a matter of how your business plan works. Free shipping often discourages a customer from ordering as they may not yet have enough to qualify for free. NewEgg charges per item so I will instantly buy something I need, even when it is only a $5-$10 item, when the shipping is free or only a dollar or two. Both methods are logical and attract different types of buyers.

there are places that give you free shipping @ larger quantity. CompUSA gives free shipping for order over $150, outpost gives free shipping for order over $500, and amazon gives free shipping over $25. But sometimes I would rather have discount shipping on quantity because sometimes my orders do not add up to the amount to qualify for free shipping.

ChiefValue = Newegg
Google Gear = Zipzoomfly

And Google Gear is gone.

Yo chas 0039-

I read somewhere that they were forced (sued?) by Google to change their name-


42.00 newegg
42.49 chief
both free shipping… hope they are on sale like this when my credit card statment posts :slight_smile:

Maybe system is not that common. Many South Koreans have ordered from Outpost and Amazon though I myself have only used Crucial and Barnes & Noble within the recent few years.

I prefer getting heavy discounts on large orders whether shipping is free or not. I can’t leave my wife and baby because they can’t walk and eat alone as well as I do so most things I need or want I order from web stores and to save shipping and to get more discounts, I wait a little longer for most things than most people.

I’m waiting for DW1640 to become as cheap as TS-H552B and SOHW-1673S (both for under US$50 in Seoul now.) :bigsmile:

And Google Gear is gone.[/QUOTE]

Only difference in this case is Newegg and ChiefValue both coexist…Same founders, same management.
Google Gear changed their name to Zipzoomfly about 2-3 years ago…Same founders, same management.

It seems Newegg is expanding…

Pay special attention to comments by “KristopherKubicki”, an Anandtech staff.

Very interesting indeed…

[I]Originally Posted by KristopherKubicki
…I’ve talked to NE people. It was started by the NE founders. It’s similiar to the NE channel but their tactic is to NOT market, which is why sometimes prices are lower.

On the other hand, they seem to play off each other - sometimes NE’s prices are much better than CVs. Your best bet is to use RTPE:[/I] (instead of for CD/DVD items. :disagree: (KristopherKubicki is their staff but I don’t work for

The media news was posted rather long ago about’s expansion before this Reuters news.

By Doug Young
SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Newegg Inc., an online seller of PCs and computer parts, is aiming for an initial public offering in the next year as it embarks on an aggressive global expansion including a build-up in China, its top executive said on Friday.

The news comes from Shanghai actually and written by Doug Young. is run by Simon Hsieh, a Taiwanese-American so the Chinese expansion is nothing but natural. According to people in China, in China does not seem to do as well as they do in the US market. They are also planning to sell in Canada, UK, and Japan. A South Korean will be nice as well but I doubt it would succeed due to local competition.