Another 3520 FW 3.04

3.04 05.04.2005 00

CD-R Version: 1.01
CD-RW Version: 1.02
DVD-R Version: 1.02
DVD-RW Version: 1.09i
DVD+R Version: 1.04
DVD+RW Version: 1.09
DVD+R9 Version: 1.02
DVD-R9 Version: 1.03g

RipLock Removed
RPC-1 (Region Free)

Get it here
The zip contains a RPC1&RIPLOCK_REMOVED file
and a RIPLOCK_REMOVED only file

+R DL bitsetting only. PI/PIF testing working with DVDInfoPro…Scan to follow as soon as it’s done. O.K. it’s done. I know Optodisc OR4 is crap but that’s why I use it for testing… :bigsmile:

and where the hell is the firmware for the 3500AG drive…dame

Great news! That probably means that for the 3500 we don’t have to wait too long anymore!

Only +R -DL bitsetting? :frowning: Damn looks like we will have to wait until someone else such as MadDog do a version with full bitsetting.


Wont create a data disk for me (with RPC1) (Fast Works so far)with Nero CD/DVD Speed. Get errors.

Does anyone know where this firmware came from?
So far nothing has been posted by NEC and the poster did not mention any source. He seems to be hosting the firmware himself from an Italian web site.

well had a try with cd-dvd speed 4x ridata burnt at 6x 5x test read speed

Guess I had a bad disk. Here is my scans.

Verbatim 16x burned at 16x.

The firmware is an IoData firmware


Does anyone have an original copy of 3.04, that is, a copy without riplock removal and multi-region?


Thanks for eliminating the mystery andreapappy.

Many thanks also for the post bearing the great news.

I guess I’ll patiently await the release of a similar firmware for the ND-3500A.

the Iodata f/w is ver 3.22, and it doesnt support disc quality scanning, and it does autobitsetting. so i dun think 3.04 is based on 3.22

Why not? I’ve seen stranger things overhere…

Well, someone fiddled with the firmware, since I don’t think the Iodata firmware had riplock removed and RPC1. And the ID string has been changed to NEC. So why not change the version from (eg) 3.24 to 3.04, to bring it in accordance with NEC branded firmwares? Maybe the person(s) who modded the firmware (TDB?) can clear things up?

I-O Data always uses the _NEC ID string in the latest firmwares.

So this new release allows us to PI/PIF test but now we are no longer able to bitset +r SL media? Can’t wait for Liggy-Dee Mod…! :wink:

That’s why I’m not using this firmware release yet…

Couple of questions:

  1. This post by Erik Deppe
    mentions that it may be required to add a “Scanning Interval”=8 or 9 key in the registry to work around a bug in the test firmware. Does anyone know if this firmware also requires to increase the value by 1?
  2. Isn’t it weird that it is not possible to select 4x scanning speed? I see options 1x, 5x, 8x, 12x, 16x. From the graphs in this thread I see other people have the same problem.
  3. Is anybody already able to compare the burn performance of this firmware with 1.UA?