Anonymous updates OpSony: no more cyber attacks



Anonymous updates OpSony: no more cyber attacks.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Following its DDoS attack on two major Sony sites and the far-reaching effects on the company's online PSN platform, Anonymous has scaled back its online operations and instead aims to leverage anger and frustration with Sony by staging a one-day global boycott of the company's products. Despite the settlement between Sony and George Hotz, the boycott is proceeding as planned, says Anonymous.

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I kind of wish Hotz had fought this all the way, I believe he would have won it. I’m sure he has his own reasons for settling, and I don’t blame him, in life we have to choose our battles and this time he chose the quickest way out. Some one else may be better suited for this battle, both financially and with the time to follow through with it, but I wonder what happened to the money people offered him for his legal defense?