Anonymous strikes again, compromising 90,000 military email accounts



Anonymous strikes again, compromising 90,000 military email accounts.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Anonymous is at it once again, this time releasing 90,000 military email accounts.  The hacking collective recently hacked consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton and those email accounts were released today into the wild of the internet.  Booz Allen Hamilton's most notable customer is the Pentagon thus the email accounts and various correspondences were sitting on their servers just waiting for Anonymous to go after them.

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I know have no use for them hacking military email accounts is going to far Those men an women are out there for us so leave them along pick on the government and big business.


I agree. I get their reasoning, but you don’t go after the little guy in the pond. These men and women need to have those accounts unhampered. I had a little bit of respect for what they are wanting to accomplish, but doing $h!t like this when we still have people in harm’s way is foolish. This time Anonymous has gone too far. Shutting down Gov web sites is one thing, but this. I’m at a loss for words…


Disgraceful. These fools are f-ing with the wrong people. The military. That’s real brilliant. Whatever, It won’t be long before they are all behind bars. Too bad these cowards don’t have the balls to confront people face to face rather than hiding behind their anonymity. Then they might meet some justice. Anyhow, they are probably too obese and can’t handle the sunlight from spending too much time in mom’s basement, these hackers.


I believe the art of true protest has been lost. Since when is it cowardly, or stupid, or going too far to protest against the military? I get it that some of the sons and daughters of regular citizens are enrolled, but that doesn’t mean that others cannot take the view of dissent. It bothers me that when someone tries to make a comment about how they feel about military actions that may be based on sketchy reasoning, people jump all over them about how wrong it is not to support our troops.
I believe I can support the troops, but not support the government reasoning for sending them where ever, and I stand up for the rights of those who would want to voice their dissent.
Quit watching Fox News people!!


Booz Allen Hamilton has tons of IT security contracts throughout the government . . . or at least they used to.

This doesn’t sound good for them.