Anonymous' Sony boycott garners weak turnout

Anonymous’ Sony boycott garners weak turnout.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Anonymous often alleges it's "doing it for the lulz." This time, the joke may have been on them. The hacker collective hyped a real-life global Sony boycott over the weekend in retaliation to the company's treatment of George Hotz and Alexander Egorenkov (AKA graf_chokolo). Despite a Facebook event page and the group's own official news site spreading the word, a less-than-expected number of supporters ended up trekking to Sony stores on Saturday for the sit-in.

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Anon is on the right path. The methods used might not make everyone happy. BUT, everyone who uses a PSN knows all to well about them and what they are standing for. I got rid of Sony crap years ago, back when they started running the rootkits in their cd’s. If there is a musical group that I enjoy that is under the Sony label, I don’t buy their cd’s, I go see them in concert. I support the group without supporting Sony. Keep up the good fight, Anon. Not all of us are spoiled little, Verruca Salt’s who need something NOW!