Anonymous Mail Server

The subject says it all. does ne1 know the ip or addy for a totally anonymous server i could use to send an email and not get caught? not that id ever do it for nething other than checking my own system of course… :wink:… :):slight_smile:

ok… and now one that i can actually use please? :frowning:


send the server to me too!

u can ALWAYs get caught, because with every mail sending your IP address is also send…

u can try anonymous remailers, but in the end they can ALWAYS find you

Oh, I was under the impression some servers didnt record your IP when u sent mails from them, so ne1 trying to trace u would come to a dead and when the machine didnt give u the IP addy becuase it hadnt recorded it. oh well, learn something new i suppose :slight_smile:

Use this, its fast and good.

For additional security use an anon proxy before you
enter these sites to hide your IP.

for really sensitive data, use a public internet access.