Anomaly in cd-r with ASUS DRW-24F1MT


Yes I know, however I’ve already used an entire cake box of these Mediarange audio cd-r without any problems. As you can see someother did the same with pc drives…


I would also think it should works, but never used this media.

So it´s on you to change media or the used writer


This is a Mediarange audio cd-r from a cake box that I have bought some month ago

Yes! I have to change cheap cd-r… and burner too, Do you suggest to me the LIteOn IHAS324 or IHAS124??


The Hardware is the same; the 324 have SmartErase, is retail with a Nero 12 Ess. Trial and have a LiteOn-logo in the bezel.

If the price-difference is <3€ I would get the 324F ( I use SmartErase sometimes)


ok…Almost at the same price of IHAs324 I’ve also found a Piodata s21


Then I would prefer the Piodata, Vinpower still made FW-Updates


Thanks, what do you think about Samsung SH-224GB/BEBE ?? An user from an other forum told me that I should consider to buy this, even used, it’s better than Lite-On IHAs124, Plextor and Optiarc…


It´s a very good writer for Double Layer-DVD and a good DVD Single Layer-writer, but I don´t know whether it´s a better CD-writer than the LiteOn; but I know it´s a weak CD-reader

Plextors of the last decade are made by LiteOn, some of the last Optiarc-drives also share the LiteOn-platform.

BTW, still think the Pioneer BD-writers are the best overall drives. I have some very old NoNames, all other writers I tried burn it 16x and high Error-rates, many C2, but my 209D burn it 24x without C2 Errors

But maybe you find someone here which burn still CD-R