Anomaly in cd-r with ASUS DRW-24F1MT


Dear folks, since 2016 I’m using an ASUS DRW-24F1MT to write cd-r and dvd-r and I have never get errors or troubles, I usually use Verbatim dvd-r or dvd+r dl and Meadiarange cd-r audio or Taiyo Yuden. Last week, after the burning process of an audio cd-r (wav files) I’ve noticed a strange color on the surface (dye), is it normal?? Maybe an error cause to the burner or psu? The trouble persists every time I burn a cd-r… However the burner seems to read normally the audio content of the disc but that color…too crazy as you can see on the photo
Help me pleaseeee!!!


Those look like calibration rings. Basically that means that the laser is calibrating it’s power during the write process to optimize the writing quality. That could mean two things: the discs are of poor quality or (rather more likely, since this didn’t happen before with the same discs) the laser power is decreased because of drive usage.
Something like this happened with my Liteon Ihas 122 F which burned a few Cmc Mag AM3 discs before it started making coasters out of these discs.


Have this behaviour with different media and writers, but it doesn´t mean the quality is bad. It can be also different speed zones.

Your writer is not made for CD-R-scans, so you can only use the transferrate and scandisk-function of CDSpeed to see if the data can be read at full speed and without errors.


Thanks for the answer, maybe not depend by the disc, I’ve used Mediarange cd-r so many time whitout this problem until last week, probably the laser is losing its native power, so maybe have I to change unit? I guess…but this time I’ll buy Plextor or Optiarc


Yes, I’ve tried to burn with the second unit BD LG burner, the result has been perfect without circles, but I wont to use this burner to write cd or dvd but only for BDs.


Like I said, the visible circles maybe say nothing about the writing-quality

Mediarange is not a manufacturer, they only let the real manufacturer print the Mediarange-lable on the media. Maybe the newer media is made by different manufacturer than the older ones?

Plextor and Optiarc are rebadged LiteOn-drives since years with a different FW.


Lately I’ve used about 30 cd-r of the same spindle with the same ASUS burner without getting those circles, then suddenly it started to create them.
I’m considering to buy an Plextor px-891saf-plus, but what can you suggest to me? What’s the cheapest Lite-on with the same chipstet?


LiteOn iHAS 124 F

Maybe you can also get an Piodata DVR-S21


Thank you tester_1, however I’ve discovered here that “LiteOn iHAS 124 F” has the same chipset of Plextor PX-891SAF, ASUS DRW-24B1ST, DRW-24B3ST, DRW-24F1ST, Optiarc AD-5290S, TEAC DV-W524GSE;
but what I would to buy, the Plextor PX-891SAF PLUS has the same chipset of LiteOn DH-16AFSH Premium (very hard to find on sale and same price of Plextor) and Optiarc AD-5290S Plus (same price).

Is there any important difference in terms of quality between “Plextor PX-891SAF” an “Plextor PX-891SAF PLUS” ?? Is Piodata DVR-S21 reliable as Plextor or Optiarc?


The Plus-versions have AFAIK another OPU which should be more reliable than the Standard-OPU in 124 F. My 124 F have burned some hundreds of DVD-media and scanned over 1000x, so far no problem with it.

And Plus-versions are able to overburn specific DVD+R DL media, I never used it.

Another “benefit” of the Vinpower-models is 4x DVD-burning (124F min. 6x) with some 16x-media and 8x (124F: min. 16x) of some CD-R-media; personally I never used this.

Vinpower also said (like with LiteOn Premium) the mechanics is different and more reliable, but don´t know if anyone can confirm this.

I dunno your prices, but for around 50€ I would not buy a DVD-RW-drive for differences I never feel


Thank you! I don’t know if I’ll realy need overburn ecc…I cannot understand the reason why LiteOn is cheapest, Piodata costs a little more and Plextor or Optiarc are both so expensive… Only brand??


Vinpower modify or let the FW modify by LiteOn for the special features I wrote; there are also robotic-versions for copy-stations.

I´m not sure if it worth the price, but looks like Vinpower can deal with it.

And Plextor always was more expensive than others, even after the switching from own manufacturing (last real Plextor was the PX-760) to rebadge NEC (PX-504), Benq (PX-740) and the later models from LiteOn


I’ve made some test right now with Opti drive control 1.70
CD-R Mediarange Audio
I think something’s wrong and I don’t know why…



Hi, what do you think about the test??


Error at end, that´s not good. These media is made by MBI and should work in most writers without problems.

I´m not sure whether your Asus (made by Samsung) is a reliable CD-R-scanner; some drives can scan CD-R but the results are unusable.

But the Transfertest should be fine, not show an error.

Did you try different writing-speeds? Slowest is not always the best choice.

The media you burned in LG looks better at the transfertest?

In my experience the Samsungs are weak CD-R-readers; I have some old CD-R-media and tried to read it with my Samsung-drives, the drives had much problems and slowed down. My LiteOn 324F read same media with full speed and no problems.

Did you try to read the Asus-burned media in the LG?


As you have suggested to me…the result is the same!:worried: what’s wrong??I cannot understand…


Something is wrong, it looks like the drives try to read beyond the 80 Min mark, even ODC shows only 79.57 Min is used

BTW, why do you use Audio CD-Rs?


The reason is this: A while ago I was looking for a cheap cd-r for burning lossy music converted to WAV but I use Taiyo Yuden cd-r for Lossless Flac to Wav ecc (I usually buy original cds but many old albums are out of print and very rare to find) so I decided to buy Mediarange audio cd-r,detail,744/index.pmode because the price was good.


transfer rate of a Taiyo Yuden cd-r with Asus burner


But burning audio should work with every CD-R-media

Audio CD-R-media is made for CD-Recorders which don´t allow burn standard CD-Rs because they need the Audio-mark. And maybe a CD-R for lower recording speed